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My new year
If there is life there must be an encounteration. Even the moons and the suns, all get to return back if they passed to their eventual transportation. The morning lights shunned and pass like flying clouds. When the deadlines had past during the time which something might be done, it would be said it passed like probabled dull rains formed by clouds. Sometimes it depletes the whole people of the world if they busy in depending on single haphazard. But I pretended such an followed back my mine with single direction like an adoration between palm-oil and lizard. I was hoodwinked and plunged to hoodooes in only to reject you. They keep brisking and piercing into my life just to make me feel so hatred against you. I know some people told you I'm a hooligan from horde of thugs. My body and body fluids remain so naffed if I heard people affiliating me with thugs. The whole world can witness the hustlers that hustle, the swindlers that swindle, and the thugs that thug. They're cursing and bulling the single boy that always pitying for a child of thug. Namby-pamby and nefarious they wanted me to become. Your flounces and flourishing gleamed corneas that are flowing cornucopialy had waylaid me and made the sights of mine not to see you overcome. I flouted all misdemeanors of abysmals and mendaciouses and exorcised into bright marvelous inabysmals. Reminiscing and meditating 'bout thou squared my buttocks. To thy imaginations, it'll be like I have crossed no hummocks. Gracious I became. Tranquiller I became. Accomplished equipped person I became. A new born baby in love I became. A car without steering wheel I became. A formatted brain I became. It transforms the shining dawns and the dusts of harmatans. Remember time flies like the sparks of conflagration. I was blindfolded by your thoughts. I was turned a senseless and talkless all because of your thoughts. I became a dullard worshiper of adoration. If you be a denial of my love, the dulcets and the blossoms of this world will get to conclusion. I became a dupe by some girls who bear the same biological names with you in social medias and the behinded masked of tricks. Calling your name shakes my heart beats, dissolves my bloods, and transforms my mind. Whenever I hear your name, my heart-beats beat as the countings of letters of your name. I want a feedback if you sighted this poem even the one which is an adulation. I know umpteen companies of hypocrites would have called me a loquacious. Because they would be stammering I involved in flattering somebody who loves me not. To desalinate, one must become a good swimmer not a pooler. Your smouldering hearts and your agogging heart will never be fagged with my love. You'll only disappoint thy heart if you flout my love. Your sleeping phantom always shambles and quests my love whenever you get to forty winks during the nights. Never stalemate me in scraggy situation. I'll be shrinking whenever you zapped out from my heart. Bombardment that caused the bragging of shrapnels and emptiness of magazines had shrinked your love not in my heart. Before you absolutely and publicly declare the rejection of my love; you must transform the style of your name into this template!: Osemery Semery Emery Mery Ery Ry Y If you haven't done it, don't ever try any trial of shambling from my love! You reincarnated to me in dreaming end. You reincarnated to me in my misery end. You reincarnated to me in my mission end. You reincarnated to me in second end. You reincarnated to me in minute end. You reincarnated to me in hour end. You reincarnated to me in day end. You reincarnated to me in weekend. You reincarnated to me in month end. You reincarnated to me in year end. You're welcome into my hood. You deserved a prize and I'll meant it. Because you landed and bounced injectingly into my life at the new year. So you: You reincarnated to me in new second. You reincarnated to me in new minute. You reincarnated to me in hour. You reincarnated to me in new day. You reincarnated to me in new week. You reincarnated to me in new month. You reincarnated to me in new year. You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart. All my dreams came true this day that I re-met you. I Love You! You are the sunshine of my life! Thanks for brightening my world with the warmth of your Love... You are the fire that burns the passion within my soul. I love You with all my heart... I want to be your arms, I want to feel your touch, I want your lips on mine, I need you very much. Happy new year to you my new year. My head sagged decorumly my new year.
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