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Artifacts of Destiny
Each ego identity, whether of busy bee or slacker sloth, recreates its uniquely sacred eco-Other, mutually capable of Win-Win intentional experience and memory toward appreciating capital investments in further living, not deadening, artifacts through each personal life both cooperative and competing so far. So every shrinking traumatic death fades, exforms this sacred values and disvalues Universe, uniquely space-timed cooperative and competitive capital investment patterns of confluence and dissonance with RightBrain intuition-flowing sacred EarthNurture. Nurturing this forest or ocean or desert Universe of living light and mysterious transitions of spectral color, dying dark and cold duller dissonant memories, dreams and subterranean horse-whispering nutritional-toxic stuckness nightmares, light and polypathic reflections and dark and monoculturing degenerations, beliefs and monolithic trusts in artifacts of past life investments and disbeliefs and hates for artifacts of evil disinvestment, Observations of interdependent Blue-Green Earth with blind ignorance of RightBrain's Red InternalWomb of Resonant Pools remembering artifacts, bicameral flow-streams and diastatic-static pumps, bilateral aptic neural systems with active-positive hopes for regenerative DNA-fractal sacred-seasonal Grace, gratitude of and for each spacetime identified LivingPlace, each moment with regenerative artifacts, Sacred Left with Right ReMembering. And LeftBrain memories explicate capital investment artifacts, habitats, intellectual and curiosity co-investments, natures of YangStrong natural hearts with YinFlow spirits co-arising bicamerally self-identifying resilient-resonant mindbodies, LeftBrain natural while RightBrain also elder sacred Matriarchal Wisdom, pre-languaged. Actively Alive in this continuing revolution of Earth, Father Sun and GrandMother Moon, devolving yet another humane-divine twenty-four hour period Alive in this co-invested secular-sacred capital moment of which we are each personally and politically and economically and ecologically a holy-holonic reflective-active portion Right with Left co-arising Four-Prime dimensional RealTime memories and their artifacts of personally continuous history Non-ZeroSum WinWin deductive/intuitive health and wealth trending mindbodies With self-identifying memories within uniquely remembering Universes, profoundly interdependent In this inter-relationally cooperative network, more than competing chaos, of capital investments and our regenerative and degeneratively autonomous artifacts, our underdog understory herstories and too-violent dominating histories, we live a literal Win-Lose Mutually Assured Destruction Desecration radically wild MADness. Madness is not living resonantly toward restoring therapeutic resilient reality. Each Moment's Great Transitional Invitation to re-awaken into full bicameral awareness of SacredEarth as our cooperatively regenerating Home, including our competitively capitalistic degenerating disinvestments with increasing climate pathological risks Risk of Western deductive languaged capital over-investments too-patriarchally dominant Yang against Yin's restorative ego/ecojustice and peace. Each moment resides through this reflecting RightBrain pond, a Bodhisattva double-binding skin of transparent lake surface noticing interdependent landscapes and emptying subclimatic transitions toward ever further pathologies, now in nutritional color or toxically repressed shades of fundamentalism's black or white divinely-expired mendacious oppositional Win-Lose capital divestment play to eventually Lose-humanity and Lose-divinity. And then to Left with RightBrain act just in Tipping Point time to avert played-out ballistic catastrophies of subclimates without and degenerative landscapes within Within LeftBrain's deductive-reductive slow-growing toward restoring peace and justice regenerative DNA-RNA Solidarity of Blue-Green Earth's bilateral ego/eco-balance, Win-Win Non-ZeroZone Sum Sum of regenerative PlusPlus OVER not-not double-binding appositionally dipolar fractal games developing capital-investment artifacts. Where YangTit for YinTat Win-Win default regulations for cooperative GoldenRule capital investments, avoid Win-Lose dominations, Western enculturing theories of evolutionary colonizing dissonance, Might as DivinelyInspired RightWing EcoPolitics Sliding toward anthro-centric run-away capitalism as divinely-inspired destiny, Benign Democracy of mutual trust, graced from Above, rather than also from DNA regenerative reflections intuited within Within time's moments to ease off Tit-dominant retributions and defer to YinYin Tat SacredElder restoring therapeutic ponds confluently binomial double-binding resonantly fractal-seasonal health's polyphonic rhythms and light/dualdark patterns of and for ego/eco-justice. Justice of and for Blue-Green Sacred Earth's continuing Win-Win artifacting moments with further trusts in capital investments producing and consuming cooperatively-owned nature-spirit co-inviting artifacts Artifacts of and for Earth's polypathic remembering Each ego identity, whether of busy bee or slacker sloth, recreates a uniquely sacred eco-Other, mutually capable of Win-Win intentional experience and sacred memory. Inspiring mutually appreciating capital investments in further living secular-sacred outside-inside graceful artifacts of trust as also beauty's splendor.
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