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Better Climate Questions
It has been said There is no bad question asked with cooperative integrity. While those asked with competing disintegrity, mendaciously, are not really questions at all. That said, conceded as asked and answered, Some questions remain more ecologically and economically, politically and personally, publicly and intimately, naturally modern and spiritually ancient more significant than others. More urgent in times of great climate global extinctions, than mere national economic recessions. I remember an economics class at Yale when the moderate, academically and politically even-handed, almost philosophically bipolar professor argued with persuasion about historically proven polarizing dangers of this growing divide between rich and poor, within nations and across international economies, still-emerging gaps and cracks and alienating fissures between upper-middle stasis and revolutionarily unrested lower-middle sacred raptures, with an evaporating populist median, midway, Tipping cooperative values against competing disvalued Points between these antagonistic mutually alien two; forming One Great Transitioning Divide-- plutocratic predators and cooperatively-huddling prey. But, I also remember his frustration about economic scholars not having a robust theory to explain why financial and political history tell this mutually alienating story without apparent evolutionary reason, or intent to survive, much less co-invest in mutual thrival, perhaps revolutionary gospel revival of trusts and truths DNA-democratically held and savored. He could not explain why the Democratic Party has made more cooperative multi-class creolizing sense to worry about this growing bad climate while the Republican Party has made mere plutocratic competitive nonsense to deny historic significance of growing traumatic polarization between Elites and increasingly segregated, and marginalized, and criminalized alien NonElites, assumed to be worthy of God's further retributive justice so poorly earned by our own uncompetitive powerlessness, lack of divinely-inspired wealth or fame or influence. As Taoists, or any healthy bicameral-bilateral permacultural developers of any creed or color, organically committed to investing only in Win-Win NonZero-Sum Games, toward polyculturing-creolizing health-wealth outcomes, we can see why this growing hyphenated economic divide presents a growing disparate survival trend for living Earth remaining habitable by humane-divine nature, and increasingly not habitable first for swarms of angry alien NonElites whose children are at growing risk of death by drowning or fire or hunger or thirst or being ballistic blown off this face of Green-Blue synergetic MotherEarth. We can see why restorative ecojustice grows a healthier healing climate than a retributive Elitist egojustice of punishing trauma tolerant of non-competitive NonElite neglect, disinvestment. Economic models of national and cultural history questions seldom ask, Is it appropriate to believe economic values and disvalues have a reasonable option to become informed by ecological values and disvalues or to irresponsibly ignore them, even deny them, to ignore our intrinsic and intuitive health-wealth interdependence, as if Earth's regenerative values and creation laws were somehow alien and NonElite as compared to humane-divine short-term investment values hoarding wealth-defensive laws. Organic farmers and gardeners and nondual philosophers and metaphysicists and ethologists and ecologists, cooperative evolutionists, and all EarthMothers know there can be no healthy economic choice for any ego's investment that is an anti-ecological monoculturing choice against Earth's basic cooperative-synergetic healthy creolizing regenerating nature. Ours is not to compete with MotherNature but to cooperate restoring justice and peace within EarthMother Tribes and Species asking better richer deeper wider bilateral questions beyond the last and upcoming fiscal quarter, beyond the last and upcoming four-year ecopolitical term, beyond the last and upcoming forty years, beyond the last and upcoming four hundred years. Buckminster Fuller and Jesus Christ and LaoTse, among others, have all economically and politically observed It is the role of a health-invested society to restoratively facilitate cooperative ecological development of individuals, to make it easier to become polyculturing outcomed families, multiculturing cooperatively-owned communities and nations of ecological MedianMatriotism in equivalent nurturing dialogue with economically co-invested patriots of Earth. I remember an economics class when our question facilitator of deep cooperative ecological understanding, passionately reviewed emergent evidence of richly creolizing populist cooperators against monoculturing elitist bigotry and retribution's too wealth-invested prejudice, as if humane-divine nature-spirit health-wealth integrity were questions other than DNA prepared within our ecological EarthMother's Womb.
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