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Peeps eed To Come Together Part Two
there is a fountain hidden with peace in our society to set mens hearts free folks its time we came together no matter what the weather & smile for we know all the great while that its hip to be square no matter what you wear its an anything goes no holds bars mentality given out to you & me teachers tend to teach while preachers reach out to preach each of of us is responsible you see for holding their own mentality inside of you & me some say its all make believe living in a land of kings and queens very few have a clue in what to do biting off more then they could ever chew some even hide it all inside because of their pride a challenge to be free is a question of time bust up the hip hop beats and a great rhyme going to a new jack swing where people often sing freedom isn't necessarily free so that's the reality inside of you & me as we graduate we tend to meditate on all that false bias and hate folks need to come together no matter what the weather all the better the closer we get to the summit then we can take a peak rationalize with all that flys in the neighborhood hustlers getting busted in God we trusted may have gotten rusted but the message still stand you all understand just like Magilla Gorilla you got my caught in the middle playing second fiddle with hoops dreams i deliver sipping on my forty for recovery so don't you even try to bother me... sipping on something nice will make you think about things twice but I'm still around with the sound getting down its a rage in the cage so watch your freakin age and behave always with the fast money but you don't bother checking on your honey she acting a little bit crazy pushing up daisies getting a little lazy need to come together as one as such was Big Pun having fun ashes to ashes dust to dust put your main hope in the one you trust Motel, Hotel, Holiday Inn we are all here to win the game you understand my friend Superman was out of sight even earning his wings at the edge of night with such a fight Course you got the likes of Shaggy with Scooby rolling up a fat doobie ain't nothing to it just got to go through it each step i took with a different look shape dreams with your hair my pretty child choose the day you might want to pray together forever we shall shine all you critics can just kiss my fat behind in time we shall shine if we don't let go with the beat attached to the tempo we go Come together peeps as you get busy in your sheets bust a nut in a rut please Crazy lady driving a blue Nova just a roll over the shoulder bolder holder Peeps are just jealous when they have to take notice
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