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Let Us Speak Clearly
Let me speak clearly with you dear religious and atheist Trumpians, A fool in executive office is a leader only in foolish directions. A rich thief is the worst thief as survival motives are absent, so self-thrival motives remain piratically rampant. An intellectual prostitute to feel-good AmericaFirst politics is an ecopolitical whore, competing for economic gain after self-deluding blinders to ego's mortality are in place, no healthier options for right livelihood are currently in RealTime Trumpian fake-space. Perpetual reinvestment in supremacist automated death machines is not co-investment in peace. Health is not purchased by selling out your habitat's most nutritionally valuable assets. Economic policy at the bought-and-paid-for bidding of bottom-line moneytaker corporations is WinOrLose Evolutionary Political Science reduced to its most cynical monoculturing market value; A political prostitution of sacred mindbodies neglected as if mere secular consumers, as are smoke-filling climate pathology backroom deniers calling calling recalling Lose Investment to drown in polluting LoseInfestment anti-ecological over-invested in degeneratively competing nihilism as if our sacredly patriotic "manifest EmpireBuilding destiny." Cowardice and mendacity sell out healthcare giving and receiving optimization values for bad religiosity or anti-theistic faith believing another denialist-nihilist direction is HellFire retributive EarthJustice inevitable. While refusing to notice this inevitability assumes cowards and courageous alike best invest in supremacist Rapturous assumptions rooted in too-small ego-centric anthro-centric manifest destiny, Whether manifest by prophetic sacred scripture or patriarchal WesternWhite Supremacists, Sadducee fools and Pharisee prostitutes thwarting internal capacities to read in plain sight with RightBrain Hearts, threatened most by our own violating RightWing absence of integrity Mendacity against Earth's multiculturing Peace, against restoring economically cooperative justice, and calling out against sacred co-redemption for all species still trying to breathe our best therapies without trauma. I believe issues of monoculturing ego-identity mostly suffer from not being polyculturally envisioned enough. Healthy PeaceCircle PermaCultural Design co-mentors thinking and noticing and co-witnessing without LeftBrain dominant preoccupations and addiction to violent machines of death fueled by releasing toxins into Sacred MotherEarth's breath, and metaphysically sacred womb. I believe colonization retributively pre-judges and condemns, represses suppresses depresses overly impresses colonizer missionary zeal against FirstNation and aboriginal forms and functions of restorative justice principles shared sacred reconciliatory nature-spirituality, as if reconciliation cooperative economics and Win-Win politics were not also formed and functioned as sacred grace of God's PolyCulturing EarthLove. PermaCulturing ReStorational Design provides a conceptual Win-Win framework to ecologically affirm, creolize, Left-Right Brain synergize, bilaterally co-legitimate what remains good and democratically healthy still optimizes sacred ecological wealth at today's leading edge of postmillennial restoring multicultural design peace circles, extended cooperative family group Win-Win co-redemption conferences, adaptations evolutions revolutions circles predicting great transitional climate ecojustice familiar sacred vocations to and with all species as our DNA-RNA Solidarity Traditional EcoPolitical PlanetOptimizing CoOperative Way, CoOperatively owned and co-invested and co-redemptive Win-Win Whole MultiCulturing Group co-managed. I believe transitional ecojustice both follows pathology and precedes growing health, large scale nutritional Left-Right ego-eco dominant conflicts and LeftBrain dominant anthro-centric overshoot of balancing Western dualistic SacredWords of Grace with Eastern nondualist bilateral and polypathic Gaian-Principled Karma. Our global vocation is to end our addiction to "dire machines that run by burning the world's body and its breath." (Wendell Berry) But, more happily, we are also EarthTribes of and for Restorative PermaCultural EcoJustice Design and Therapy growing polycultural economics of slow health growth rooted in Traditional cooperative Win-Win thrift, taking care of health and peace for all Earth's creatures, not so much the anti-integrity reductive Win-Lose theft from our own Future's most likely vulnerable losers, children with cooperative gifts for matriotic peace wombs-to-rebirthing circles and not so much mere mendaciously patriarchally-owned ballistic death machinations toward Lose-Lose enslavement to further retributively dominate injustice and criminal war-mongering, Steering clear of anti-ecological waste and ruin and anti-intellectual anti-historical copouts; Especially those choosing between LeftBrain reason and RightBrain sacred inductive mystery of seasons, between and within restorative ecopolitics and deep-wide sacred ecology, As if the God of LeftBrain Space is not also the GaiaGoddess of BiLateral RightBrain Timeless-Time, together having created double-binding distinctions with only a nondual-dark Zero-Soul absence of difference between where we have come from permaculturally and where we originally intended to go polyculturally polypathic polynomially balanced + = (-,-) DoubleFractal/Octave Harmonic Not-Not (0)Sum InfiniteEgo-EcoLogical Tao of Balance YangRestorative Grace as WinWin CoRedemptively Invested YinSquared Enlightened Karma. Le us speak clearly with you, dear colonizing missionaries, behaving atheistically, US ProTrumpians, our radical religious RightWing MonoCulturing YangRights can never survive climates of revolutionary crisis yet continue LeftBrain dominant ElitistWrong DualDark Chaotic (0)Sum Denial of Dissonance Fullness of ReStorative Health-Wealth Left-Right CoErective Consciousness.
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