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Faith in History Lessons
Patterns of phylogenic history retell our creative creation story as bicameral restoration of Earth's nature-spirit ecology, both Eastern karma and Western co-redemptive grace. Spiritual memory experience of RNA and later DNA developments and traumatic extinctions, positive great transitions and double-negative traumas; are exegetical rhythms and sacred seasoned pattern teachers. Religious language is our eisegetical listener, subjective explorer, witness sometimes embedded in changing history studies further nurturing nature's dynamic multiculturing voices: If I told you once, stiff-necked people, I've told you notnot twice, or maybe even holy holonically, personally and vulnerably, If there is no natural victim, we need no spiritual victim. If we have no spiritual victim of stagnation in emotive infancy, but we further traumatize a religious taboo believer, sort of a monoculturing bully deviating from peaceful wu-wei health and safety means and Ways, then we have exceeded natural-spiritual double-bonds, law and restorative peaceful nondualistic Win-Win order. Perhaps violence against human and civil rights is a result of nurturing retributive trauma, further perpetuating inhumane and uncivil wrongs. Legal and moral and vocal punishments reinforce victimization, further traumatization. Restorative therapies reinforce cooperative redemption, healing of DNA's Win-Win ecopolitical players, RNA solidarity agents, DNA with RNA nondual witnesses of Earth's fertile sacred grace and mutual gratitude, love and positive faith In all creatures notnot part of oneself, one's family, one's community tribe peers, neighbors, one's edible and ornamental cultures, one's society, nation, nutrition in and on this One EarthWay MotherHabitat of and for RNA+DNA karmacultures of graceful health. Terrorists and fascists and religious fundamentalist supremacists are spiritually traumatized, regardless of where planted and grown and malformed Perceiving themselves as victims and potential victims of cosmic trauma, of frustrating lack of sufficient personal control due to the over-extended reach of established traumatizing powers and principalities and Win-Lose devolutionary principles, unjust retributive, punishing, systems for blaming and shaming, further fueling super-culturing saturation and sectarian isms and theisms, dark ethologies and evil theologies. Declaring violent intent, more trauma, against terrorists and isms and fascists and isms and fundamentalists and isms further reinforces their personal nightmare experiences anticipating desecrated natural futures out of their spiritual control without even faint hope of cooperative redemption intent, much less actively planning and implementing inclusive, democratically empowering, restorative justice and peace. Our primary sacred scripture is our own bilateral phylogenic development history of ecological ethology, grace of regenerative potential integrity and nondual dark grace of degenerative pathological dissonance-- opportunities to learn from past monoculturing mistakes. Spiritual development actively witnesses both directions of this stream for time's restorative-extinguishing stream flowing best between two double-binding banks of Exterior-Intrusive Yang, sometimes too violently against too non-violently passive Yinternal going with laissez-faire flow, searching preferred tidal currents wu-wei graced between. Creative dynamic spiritual development fuels mystery, but not anti-ecological magic, wonder, but not violently hypnotic fascinations with horror and holocaust. Healthy growth co-arises regenerative potential for good and cooperative truth-building and not further degenerative dissolutions through violence, shaming and blaming, competing in nihilistic Lose-Lose hatreds and fears of further losing spiritual control of embodied nature. Learning to actively love those who victimize you through their disdain, hatred, bullying and character assassinations hardly invites restoration of positive faith through timeless co-empathic humility, yet here we search faces of evil waving back within, and find how we have worn and earned our own lack of healthy living too. This advent of winter's postmillennial pregnancy ends with actively witnessing restoration of Earth's springtime fullness of sacred matriotic wombs for restoring healthy forests and oceans With much less fake patriotic doom and antiEarth gloom favoring further retributive retaliations due to past threats of growing FallenEden violence lacking national healthcare control. So, to revisit Planet MotherEarth for just a children's wondrous creation story moment, We remember to restore just waters for regenerating graceful flowers in our lives, in our environments, in our schools and homes and cooperatively-owned communities playing Win-Win ecopolitical justice. And thereby we avoid further desecrating and secularizing and over-intellectualizing and obsessively compulsively and monoculturally monotheistically minimizing Paradise of healthy cultural and spiritual outcomes by dehydrating those thirsty ego-centric anthro-centric weeds in FallenEden, yes, but also potential ReStorative EcoJustice and Peace optimizing opportunity of Here greeting Now, Yang synergizing creolizing 4D RealTime speed of YinFractal-Squared Commons Light. And other Golden Rules of Yang's natural law and orders, with Golden Ratios of YinYin's WinWin WuWei (0)Soul regenerating Golden Elixirs of (0)Sum Matriotic VirginWombs for Green EarthTribes ReForesting, restoring cooperative (0)Sum ecopolitical co-redemption, bilateral-bicameral phylogenic, polypathic Golden cosmology.
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