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Red and Green Christians
Let's start with a fundamental flaw of fundamentalist Christianity, a literary flaw within literal non-interpretation of historical creation and sacred development. This is true of radical jihadist Moslims as well, although we both know you think you're more special and politically and morally correct, so, we can stay focused on Christian evangelical faith communities in the United States, especially in Red-dominant States. True effective pure loyal faithful integrated mature Christian conservators of God's peace and divine love justice must stop interpreting the words and teachings and moral-sexual code for healthy v pathological activities as if JesusChrist had a dualistic view of Spirit, of Abba or of human nature as a whole separated from Earth's nature, and as if He lived within a Trinitarian GodHead metaphysical Universe without a JesusChrist humane-divine nondual Body. If you truly have the faith of a mustard seed that JesusChrist taught and lived in a nondual humane-divine MindBody, then this explicitly invites us to consider nonduality, both divine spirit and humane sacred conjoining this interdependent Body of Christ on Earth. When Jesus says Why do you worry about stupid stuff because God made sacred flowers too and which of you is arrayed with that much festive splendor, that diversity of color and beauty and Grace, a truly Christian evangelist of this nondual teaching, would not respond with: "Oh, right, but that's just generic secular natural organisms and physiological development processes, but not about how God the Creator Father arrays humanizing nature." That separation of Earth's natural systems from sacred humanizing spirits you will not find in Jesus' words or teachings or metaphysical code or moral v immoral law and order of restorative grace. Although Trinitarianism, and the dualism separating Holy Spirits against secularizing Fallen nature and patriarchal economic and political aristocratic-plutocratic dominance against matriarchal EarthMother planters and harvesters, those annoying motherly nurturing issues, were alive and well when Roman Catholic St. Jerome was playing eeny, meany, miserly moe with sacred stories and parables and poetry and history of God's inspiring voices, And dualistic competitive assumptions were still there, only now starting to military-industrialize the entire complexion of intriguing inspiring voices for Holy Wars and Crusades when the newer King James Interpretation of sacred history, literature and stories, parables, crucifixions, baptisms, violence, sickness and disease, floods and holocausts, wars and burning cities with innocent children included came into your evangelical dualistic minds and shared fundamentalist culture of Red. So what? you have probably already asked. With this error, with this lack of personal and political and economic integrity, you have harmed me, and you have probably insulted my evangelical Christian mother, who raised me to love as deeply and widely as Jesus nondually loved all Earth, all Earth's polycultural and multicultural diversity, as part of one already redeemed interdependent Body of Grace. Grace is for those who just say Yes to love wherever we see love invited, one arrayed with God's love, with CreatorGod's relationship with each hair on each head, with constantly counting all those drab, yet sacred, sparrows, and wherever hairs are to be even most inconveniently found. To believe otherwise, that this sacred reign of God on this Earth in this time of Great Transitional Climate Change is to interpret the words and teachings of JesusChrist as if He did not mean them literally of nature as spirit and spirit as nature. That he did not literally mean He invites us to replace addiction to deadly blood sacrifice politics with a cooperative economy of grace, Earth as nondual gift, life as fundamental gratitude for those natural and spiritual arrayed gifts available for eyes that see, ears that hear. As available as universal baptism of living waters flowing through our veins feeding and nurturing even the flowers with their most festive arrays and those drab sparrows and all that inconvenient hair, even when teased and bleached to near extinction. You have harmed me in a way that forces you to see me as a person who chose to become sinfully gay, while actually having been born sacredly heterosexual. I know this is not true about me, or about any person with a gender preference I have ever known well enough to ask them: Did you choose to be, whatever? When did you choose to become, whatever? Would you still be you if the prepubescent you had chosen to become otherwise? Did it ever even occur to you that you had a choice of whom to find attractive in either an erotic or agapic way? If you had been given a choice, If God came down from Heaven maybe even in a dream and said, "OK, it's time to choose, those hairs are about to emerge from new places, Who won this battle?" How could you choose to exchange the gifts you were conceived with? So now, if you're following this most unlikely hypothesis of gender identity choice, If I didn't choose this, then I was recruited by my very much happy heterosexual evangelical fundamentalist Christian parents. Even my evangelical Christian older brother and sister, and my Unitarian Universalist younger sister, who agree on not much, will all tell you that this recruiting thing did not happen to me. My older siblings are in this sad position, Either I chose to become homosexually perverse, deliberately choosing a life of sin, ostrasization criminalization victimization, despite all persuasive evidence of everyone I trusted and loved during my pre-adolescent years, or there is a dualistic interpretation of JesusChrist's words and teachings that they have assumed was actually there in scripture, but in fact they falsely believe is there because they have been religiously indoctrinated to deny their own spiritual-historical experience of grace.
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