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Translation of Eric Mottram's 1922 Section 1 in Earth Raids 1976 by T Wignesan
Translation of Eric Mottram’s 1922 Section 1 by T. Wignesan for David Attoe Notre devise pourrait être: ‘que nous nous ne soyons pas envoûtés’ Wittgenstein in Zettel laissez pendre la graisse sans cou où la tête flotte sur les épaules un joyau sacré liaison contre la chair nouvelle nom nom appelez le nom la marque du nom l'impression de l’ange emmène la loi emporte le soleil nom de la lune le mangé la cuillère le nom nom de merde baignoire lit pot (le pot du lit) le mal le bien le silence à plat sur votre dos le nom joyau s’appuie sur le muscle n'importe quel bébé doux il arrive en volant du plaisir übersichtlich* l’habilité d’un aigle haut à l’intérieur s'intègre l’oeil la touchée et la tête lignes un champ de passage facile l'un vers l’autre ange au pays cartographié ainsi le joyau règle les rêves décline tombe donnant de noms aux animaux donnant de noms aux poupées le sobriquet le vieux Nick * EM notes in “Resources”: Wittgenstein’s ‘descriptive word for an arrangement of factual material for easy passage from one part to another’. * May 23, 1966: « Dear Wignesan,         All right, I know I am a poor letter man but really I have [been] so occupied with travelling around and lecturing lately. [...5 lines suppressed] By the way, speaking of the Enemy, you could do me a favour: could you collect that damn Burroughs article from Peace News for me? I still haven’t heard a single bloody word from that ‘f-----g’ McGrath: when I get back, that man is going to suffer if it’s the last thing I do. He’s not worth the full word.    The interview I did from New York was with the editor of the Realist, Paul Krassner - a fine satirical man who puts the wind up every fool within earshot. I admire him completely. Do you know the magazine?   You used to be able to get it at Better Books, but now I gather all is changed and no terrible beauty born with it. Except that Miles fellow who had the gall to say in the East Village Other that London had no regular poetry readings last year which paid the poets - the bastard never turned up to a single one of the things Bill Butler and I put on at ICA.... So much for his oh so touted interest in literature, the sod.   My next Negro piece will be very different to the last: I want really to examine the business of anti-semitism among Negros, and to look into the blackness business - each number of the Liberator kills my reason.  Incidentally, or rather not so, Leroi Jones was finally thrown out of the Black Arts and escaped to a hiding place in Newark - by his own people - and he still does TV shows and radio ones attacking the whiteys, the Jews ( I happen to know that he regularly gets money from and cashes his checks with a Jewish friend), and intelligence. A curious trio, don’t you agree?   (There is no paperback Shadow and Act yet: if there is one, you will have it, I promise). (Anything you want otherwise?)  As for me, I lecture in universities where I am listened to as I am not in England, let alone London: I could have any number of excellent and richly paid jobs for the asking; my reputation gets better, my work therefore improves because my inferiority feelings diminish with encouragement; I have friends such as I rarely have found in England - people really I can move with; and the thought of coming back to the humiliations of London fills me with apprehension.  Recently, I was in Michigan, in Kent (Ohio), and Bridgeport (Connecticut) - and spent a long weekend on Shelter Island, an idyllic place in the arms of Long Island at the Atlantic end. I saw Plisetskaya dancing with the Bolshoi and felt the radiance that comes of charismatic womanhood and total skill. Now I have to leave my flat because the owner is returning from his travels, so I shall be staying eith [with] Ted Wilentz and his wife until the destiny boat in September but I shall not be there much. I go to Buffalo to do a graduate course on June 25 - unti[l] August 5 - and somehow I have to make Harvard and San Francisco as well. It looks like that boat will be the haven it was last September. I can’t rest up, and there it is. But I’m reading a lot and sort of blossoming.      [... A whole para: 5 lines left out]                               Yours ever, Eric. »   [From New York University.Letter addressed to 156, Gloucester Place, London N.W.1, but re-directed twice to: 47, Broadhurst Gardens, N.W.6 and 7, Buckland Crescent, N.W.3] (c) T. Wignesan - Paris, 2017
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