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Longing for the Stars
My mind is always a million miles away I long for a better time...I long for a better day There’s nothing in this life that turns me on If it weren’t for Mondo, I’d pass and be gone I have no desire to be here at this time I feel that God putting me here is a crime I feel like a chess piece on his old worn out board Why would he do this to me? Lord What does he get out of seeing me suffer? Instead of life getting better, it just keeps getting tougher Life really stinks, I hate being here There’s only one thing here that I hold dear Amondo Michael Cole you are the one You are my moon, you are my sun You are the light that makes my darkness disappear I just wish that you were near It is so hard to be away from you I’m always sad...I’m always blue The days just keep rolling on I often wonder when I’ll be gone I will leave this place and travel back to Saturn I will be out in the stars as I watch this place burn All of the low life people will melt away Leaving you and I to make our way Back out into the stars where we belong Putting us here was totally wrong We never belonged here...we’re too good for this place If God were here...I’d tell him to his face I’d tell him I am angry, but I’m glad I was led to you Only a loving god would do that for me and that’s true So when the hard times get to be too much I clear my head and think of your touch God knew he could not get through to me so he sent you You are real, you are honest, you are good, you are true You swept me off of my feet with your first letter Things just keep getting better and better I know you love me more each day I can feel you and I have to say Thank you so much for coming into my life I cannot wait to be your wife You have made my life complete No other can could ever compete There’s only you and I forever We’ll travel the stars...we’ll leave here together Never to return...for the stars are our home Forever with you...never will I roam You are the brightest star that shines in my world We are twilight in the netherworld We are beautiful as long as we’re together For us to shine we need forever We can never let the other burn out There can be no questions and no doubts You have to know I love you as much as I do You have to know my love is true I also need the same from you I need the love you had when we flew Away to Saturn the first time around You picked me up off the ground You wrapped me in your big black wings You took me on to better things Then we got separated and came here I was gripped with sadness...I was gripped with fear I had no light left inside of me You shined your light and made me free Then the demons came rushing in Everything I said and did was full of sin I was like a demon overnight You knew something was wrong...things just weren’t right You came to me in a dream Your light was on me like a strong beam It soaked through me and set me ablaze I have never been so filled with light...never been so amazed Your love has got me in a daze My soul you soul you raised You brought me out of the darkness where I was residing I was tired of dying...I was tired of hiding Then I woke up to the madness I created I would have been fine had I waited To talk to you again to make me see This darkness I am in is no way to be You need to force me into the light with you I want to be done with these demons...I want to be through I don’t know what else to do I need you to pull me through with your love that’s true They say true love conquers all Don’t let me slip...don’t let me fall The abyss is constantly calling my name I am living with regrets...I am living in shame Then you came along and, my soul, you tried to claim You perfected your shot and your arrow you aimed At my heart and pulled me back to you again One day we’ll get day we’ll win These demons are not going to take me from you I don’t care what I have to do I have searched my whole life for a love that’s true And that love, my love, comes from you Yes, my love, you will take me back to the stars You’ll take away all of my pain and heal all my scars For to the stars we must return There’s nothing left here for me to learn I found you, my shining star And for you, with God, I’d go to war There’s no limit to my love...I want more You are the one that I adore You came to me when I was damaged goods I talked to you and you understood No one has ever gotten me before They always run and shut the door You opened your door and your heart wide open to me It is only with you that I can be free We have a short while left on this earth, my dear After that everything will be made quite clear We’ll understand what all this meant We’ll understand how we were heaven sent We fell together and lost each other No one else can give us what we need...we’d never recover We need each other’s love to continue to grow It is not for other beings to understand or know We are different you and I My reason for being here...I now know why I was to find you before I die When the time comes for me to fly You will see me passing by Telling you how much I love you and I’ll wait for you You will fly over and meet me...this is true If only other people knew What it’s like for me and you No one has a love like ours We belong together in the stars Here we go, baby, take my hand We’re out in space on demand We fly away to Saturn so fantastic She’s so beautiful and so majestic To the stars, baby, light the way Never to return to earth another day We are on to bigger and better things No one could picture this in their dreams The site is so magical and amazing No more more gazing Out in the stars we’ll forever be together as one With a love much brighter than the sun We’ll shine our light on each other as we pass Mars Here we go...back to the stars
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