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Going for a drive then
Going for a drive then? What now? Yes. Conglomeration of Mr and Mrs Mooses were sitting near the central reservation on the dual carriage way. They had ordered some fruit, wine, beer, and some milky cream cherries. Which they would consume on their freshly polished leaf plates. They had been cleaned by the mice servants. So they shone. The gleam hit the wing mirrors and travellers gaped in astonishment at the display. The hooves, antlers and fur had been brushed and gave the parties a glow. This lit up the centre meaning that the lights and the cat's eyes could be turned off. Great way of saving electric thought Mr & Mrs Apple-pie Twinkle-Blossom who were returning home after a day trip to the coast. The children did not notice. They were too tranced out by the square boxes inserted into the backs of their parents seats. Molly and Colin were quite zombified. They had now watched the film 180 times in 180 minutes and 180 minutes is not akin to 180 on a darts board for that was reserved for Daddy and his friends in the double garage. The games had also been played substantially. They were however quite perturbed that there was no wifi. No wifi meant no messenger and no messenger meant no chatting to their class mates who they had not seen for one hour and forty five seconds. Minutes pass and the children silent. It was time to pull over at the drive in takeaway. Ten burgers (each) 100 french fries (each) 20 drinks (each) sauces. And a side order of salad (to be healthy). They had had a healthy day after all. The coastal trip was watched from the car whilst the dancing show played on the phone. The scenes of the waves quickly got rid of by the swirls of skirts and the excitement of points. The children had sat in school. All day. So they were now all hungry. Quickly devouring all this fare whilst in the car on the move home. The slurping slip. And the spillages. Oh dear! Thought Pongo the Labrador. Now that would be a mess. He had been looking forward to a walk not just in and out of the vehicle in the coastal car park. Then they had sat in great rapture with the square ringing thing. Staring. At other humans. When the beach and mountains stretched all around. Puzzled he covered his head with his paws and slept. Upon returning home the family saw that the next door neighbours had bought a new 600, 000, 000 inch wide screen TV which was blaring away the highlights of their show on the wall. They also noticed a shiny new car and a yacht. Annoyed they entered the house. Children now in bed they opened the lap top and quickly ordered a 7 million inch wide screen TV, a ship, and a top of the range land-rover. They also ordered a fountain for the front lawn and a sun dial. That will show them. When the items had been delivered the neighbours were so upset that they moved. Pretty flowers smile at this doorway but only if dusted. For they were fake. Good entertaining succumb sucklings. Wild winters weary. Interesting is not the mix. Interesting is the organised spray which reduces the spacial. And a spacial is not a spade nor a facial so never place over twenty five little trays into a microwave all at once. This was the era of the tray. The era of the takeaway. Which riled the electric sockets who wanted to strike. And a strike could be said to be like a pike with a spike. Z Representational Z – at twenty seven plastic ducks racing down 7 streams. Z. (..) Z
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