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An Eternity I
Stood upright, between two roads, On a thin metal rail, A solitary, brown coloured bottle Of beer, Sporting a red and whitle label, Emptied and callously abandoned... Just like the tin can of cider Plonked down beside you on your Little polished mahogony table. An unremarkable glass bottle, As if a piece of submitted Street avant-garde left on display, Purposely discarded by some Unknown person or persons here; Whilst, with the whole passing World Seated in driving ignorance before It, All existence dashing endlessly Away When frantically tumbling and Twirling Inside the madly spinning, Half-rounded Hemisphere. Somewhere, after enduring a short Commercial break... Every advert dryly commented upon - Each being accorded an equally Dismissive and condescending stare, One in particular informing it's Disinterested audience Of the frightful perils On developing pancreatic cancer, A warm couch, motionless, Suddenly stirs and starts upwards Like a cornered panther Snarling before the hunters gun! Your sullen visage momentarily Betrayed When briefly enraptured by dazzling Images Of the shimmering Aegean:- And you, swimming alone, in your Perfectly constructed little rocky Idyll Where brightly coloured shoals of Exotic fishes teem; Then that reinstated glare, Fiercely conveyed with all the ferocity Of a blazing Grecian sun, That perpetually resides In all its burning arrogance there! For I envision a single angry tear, Pertaining to a faint hint of dark Mascara, Hesitating against a brushed Indentation As if a last remaining, Desperately-clinging, raindrop Being pushed acrosss the oily Curvature Of my panoramic windscreen... A tear that contains, perhaps, The whole of the worlds filtered Oceans; The pitiless look in those wild, Turbulent eyes Awash with the currents surging ebb; Low utterances of broken trusts, Unrequited love and misplaced Devotions... All precursors to oft repeated vocal Denunciations Spawned from some unjustified, Obscure, nagging doubt; Recalling my own dismal resignation's When knowing better Than to try and hopelessly intervene! Same old recriminations and wearisome Accusations Now being muttered, I should'nt wonder, Barely audibly throughout... Will herald the onset of newly Assembled confusion... As you struggle wretchedly In preparation for another troubling Dream! Overhead, lunar dignitaries, arisen From behind confinement of their cells Celestial bars... But irrevocably anchored to the Impossible deeps; Here, patiently awaiting, in all their Accursed immortality, The defeated Titans and great usurped Cronus soundly sleep; And a gathering together when offering Obedient prayers:- Cloistered abominations of awakened Stars - Whose exultation's shine brightly in Dutiful obeyance - In worshipful praise of his most Hallowed regime! They whomst unashamedly dare to Brazenly gaze Upon portrayal of flushed irreverence; Now attempting, albeit she greivously Offended Like a cast-out Angel, To stagger up the step's defiant Incline; Which, in supportive awkwardness, Stoically resists the steadying Advantages Proffered from thickly carpeted Stairs. But I have long since fled. For soon I will join the thining lines Of departing cars That invade upon the unearthly realm Of flittering Bat and barred Nightjars. Please read part two.
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