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Mommy's words of wisdom
You are growing up right before my eyes, no longer the little girl, always on my thigh. I have implanted a foundation as your parent to help you grow, but there are so many life things for you to know. Alway be true to the person you are, never change who you are, your a shining star. Always lead in life and never be a follower, the world is your playing field for you to grow and prosper. Never let anyone tell you who to be, live life to its fullest and always follow your dreams. Be respectful and kind to all your elders, use your manners and kindness, and always be honest to others. Don’t let anyone walk all over you, hold your head high, plant your feet on the ground, and don’t let them through. I hope one day you’ll find faith, that will surround you with a war embrace. Remember all people were made equally, never be judgmental and stay color blind. Life has so many different cultures, faiths and beliefs, but we all are from this amazing great place. I sincerely hope in life you’ll be a open minded individual, travel and learn all these amazing new foods and cultures. Always be a independent women, never rely another to always hold your hand. Be cautious and safe with your heart at all times, remember that sex doesn’t equal love with another. Wait till you know your truly in love, to be intimate with a person and say your the one. Always when intimate protect your self, you don’t want a life disease or a little one. Wait till your sure you have found the right person, to start a family, and begin to expand. Children are the most precious thing on this earth, they need you to be old enough and mature enough, to be the Mother they need and deserve. You deserve the ultimate love and respect in a relationship with another, know your own worth, what have to offer a person and kind of person you deserve. Never settle and by all means don't stay with a jerk. Remember that people can sometimes be really mean, and will say things to make you feel like your less then a Queen. Never stoop to another’s ignorant level, kill them with kindness, and your friend Karma will follow. Have a good work ethic, and take your career seriously, dream big my child, you can be anybody you want to be. Always take school seriously, fill your brain with knowledge you’ll someday need. Id love to see you graduate school, then maybe trade school, or collage which is a resourceful tool. Never be passive in your life, stand up for what you believe and know when to fight. Always remember how beautiful you are, beauty is more then your appearance it begins with your heart. Keep your self healthy, eat nutritionally, be wary of what you put in your body, this will keep you healthy. You only get one set of teeth in this life, keep taking care of them, your smile is a shining light. Don’t ever be a materialistic person, always be thankful, and cherish your friends and family. Its very important to have a savings account and retirement plan, you never know what the man up stairs has in his plans. Stay away from credit cards, they will only get you in trouble and financially set you back miles. Keep your credit in good standing, its a outlet in life you’ll someday need. The final thing I want to say to you is, as life comes at you you’ll know the right things to do. Always remember we all make mistakes, learn from them and grow, and conquer this world. I love you more then you will probably know, and I am excited for you and to watch you grow and prosper. Life only gives you one chance, remember that in everything you do, life is very short, so live your life for you. Never have any regrets in life, and always keep one thing in mind, every life lesson and challenge we face, helps our growth as a person in time. I hope as your Mother the foundation has been laid, I have taught you well as parent, for you to one day leave my cocoon. Love Mommy
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