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Wind Whispering Water
So, here's my wind with water thing. What thing, dear? My Yang winding theory. I'm more interested in our YinWater feeds YangWinds revolving seeds YinWater thing. OK then. So, here's our windy water thing I'm proposing to discuss this morning. Better. More inviting. And that would be.... Take a theory, any theory, about anything or anyone or any time now or past or future. So some kind of a RealTime Theory. Right. OK, let's try a theory about learning theory. OK. Is our Deep Learning Theory using a WinLose (0)Sum decomposing flight assumption, or a WinWin (0)Core slow-growth bilateral swimming assumption, or perhaps both-and, Left with Right? Couldn't our Deep Learning Theory hypothesize WinWin ecopolitical winds of change as ecological waters of flowing sacred grace? Together, WinWin OVER WinLose cultural dominance, yielding statistically significant short-term through multigenerational polycultural polypathic polyphonic health outcomes as compared and contrasted with LoseLose antithesis, or even WinLose deductive-reductive competing evolutions and incorporations, somewhere hopelessly lost in Confusing Business As Usual? Yes, well, I'm not sure I have anything wind or flowing water to add, although maybe it would be easier for some to abstract down into a more metric binary summary, YangLeft (+,+) 1-binomial convex Polynomials are WinWin equivalent to notnot (-,-) YinSquared-Fractal DNA-RNA Polypathic (0)-Sum dipolar, appositional, co-arising nonduality, (0) Soul, bilateral ecological, and double-binary bionic balancing. Honey, with all due respect, I'm not sure that is shorter, or more fluid, or any more or less WinWin accessible for RightBrained inductive me. Perhaps we could weave them back and forth, in and out together to make an ecopolitical prime wind/water relationship just and peaceful us? Are we still talking about our Deep and Wide Learning Theory? More of an Open Systemic proposal, really. Well, I thought you would never revolutionary ask to conjoin our WinWin Left with Right Yang with YinYin P with N(NP) +1 with -(-0) Deep Learning (0) Soul Sacred Ecology Theories. I didn't know you were waiting for me to ask. Well, if I have to tell you I'm waiting it sort of defeats your WinLose patriarchal domination proposal doesn't it? No, that's OK, I like us Deep Learning better when asking and inviting, nurturing and challenging, discovering and uncovering, flying and swimming, works both WinWin sensory equivalent trusting ways, moving together Theories of (0) Soul ReGenerative octaves delineating double-bound bilateral fractals, like hydrogen and oxygen, like uracil and cytosine like form and flow function, like space and time, like convex expanding as also concave recessing, like co-arising and co-gravitating, reweaving wind with water. Or maybe well-watered wind. Do you prefer your understory function on top? Variety is the spice of regenerating life, dear.
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