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Why MultiCultural Education Matters
The Twelfth Principle Cooperatively adopt and responsively adapt for creolizing acclimation, best climate and landscape health practices. The U.S. today reweaves two points of national nurturing departure, both taught in schools and history books and multicultural sciences and scents and sounds. LeftBrain dominance, here in post-millennial enculturing lands, remembers most of us came to be in this U.S. place and time, because Columbus discovered the American Continents. Meanwhile, RightBrain nurturing matriarchs, ecofeminists, PermaCultural Designers, Cooperative Incorporators, ecologists as ecotherapists for climate health by clearing out maladaptive relationships with ecosystems, biosystems, seasonal-fractal annual redevelopers farmers designing and planning DNA with RNA regenerative systems, also remember the WesternHemisphere before the 1000s, indigenously, from within, more nature-spirit balancing holonic as Eden healthy, here all along cooperatively uncovering ourselves before Columbus visited to competitively harvest us. It is important for LeftBrain dominant ecopoliticians and teachers, mentors and parents, and healthy sustainable incorporating persons, to finish our cooperative original national Constitution Statement in ways that both polarities can win further gratitude for regenerativity, healthy cooperative wealth. Columbus did historically discover what became the Americas, more or less, as an ecopolitical commodity for WestEuropean colonization, immigration by means of mutually assured aggression as necessary, or even just more convenient, faster, to Christianize, sometimes violently and rapaciously, further WhiteMale economic and political patriarchal empowerment, especially over women of color sex slaves for breeding by night when they were not seeding and harvesting and cleaning and cooking and feeding mixed race babies by day. That happened, and continues to internally happen, both as us, LeftBrain colonizers and to us, RightBrain creolizers. Meanwhile, adopting a RightBrain Sacred Elder perspective on Turtle Island Paradise, the old, yet also new, EarthTribal gratitude attitude landscape notices Yang healthy adoption v. Yin pathology-as-maladaptive-RePressedVictim. What creolized into U.S. mutual acclimation was here all along, potentially, without Columbus, waiting to uncover further WinWin gratitude for grace already deeply and indigenously learned by polypaths noticing polycultural historical reweaving opportunity, promise for better AdoptingLeft and AdaptingElderRight ecopolitical cooperatives, emerging through fractal annual 4-seasons of polyphonic polynomial holonic Zero-Soul Outcomes for global climate through vulnerable personal health redevelopment, for those with more of a RightWing District of Columbus orientation, whom we have more rapaciously become, and for those with more Left and Right wings of Revolutionary Eagles spreading democratic trusting colonies far beyond pre-historic nativity, patriotic-matriotic feelings about healthy landscapes and courageous climates of ecological life and dualdark predation. 2020 post-bilateral millennial revision remembers who and what colonized America and reweaves who and what developed the Americas during the prior 1000 years, while both East and West cultures virtually (0)Sum ignored us, and most certainly did not overpopulate or ElitistChristianize by demonizing what SkyWoman created, Turtle Island ReVolutionary Eden ReForestation, divine-humane ecotherapeutic and familial and tribal and more patriarchal-matriarchal domestic through international ecopolitically resonant, harmonic, confluent; not dissonant. WinWin Cooperative EcoPolitics adopts LeftBrain deductive language and healthy intent while Elder RightBrain adapts with creolizing regenerative Sacred EcoLogical ReVisions, with 2020 balancing bicameral enlightenment. We are both Prickly Cowboy Colonizers and Graceful IndigenouslyGooish RNA root systemic transgender polypathic forests and climates, both lightLeft and dualdark GooeyRight, creolizing acclimators, to paraphrase, and somewhat Gregory Bateson double-bind embellish, and Buckminster Fuller reincarnate, Alan Watts with Julian Jaynes bicameral ethology as historical democratizing WinWin purpose. Cooperatively adoptLeft and responsively adaptRight for optimal creolizing post-revolutionary acclimation, best climate and landscape health practices, surviving dualistic colonizing eclipses by thriving nondual creolic co-arisings of mutually sacred gratitude.
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