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Lady Liberty Speaks
It should be harder, and perhaps it could, to not be known and recognized and to not find icons of and for gratitude throughout my everyday. The forbidden fruit of Trees for Life and against Death living in peaceful forests of Good and NotNot Evil, grows both political trust and mistrust between brothers and sisters, parents and children, grandparents and parents, Elder religious cultures and younger secular national-states; Fruits of our individual and collective polyculturally regenerate sources of free nutrition, domestic and outlying climates of health rather than too Yang competitive LeftBrain played-out Either-Or business as usual, God made might right in a long-fat dog eats and enslaves and buys and sells, inferior alien marginalized bitches world, witches with glitches, social switches for disloyal snitches. My issue with being relatively ignored and taken for granted by employees and employers, by parents and our kids, by leaders and their ideological followers, is less about being treated like a post-menopausal bitch, and more about how polyculturally significant to both history and herstory have been post-menopausal bitches, dragging queens. It is our marginalized wisdom and sha-woman Creation Stories, myths and legends, mythos with logos, our Sacred Ecology of which Eden was originally composed a matriarchal-patriarchal Paradise special made for everyone from Virgin Forests through post-men-o-pausal Bitches, witches with wicked wisdom, liberating truths of polycultural Earth intent more gloriously statuesque than any fading nationalistic patriarchal monoculturism. It could be harder and even meaner, narrower and more enslaving through repressive monocultural anthro-supremacy, to become known and celebrated in icons and ions of dynamic balance, harmonies of kinder words for those with embryonic reweaving collateral of memories within our Original Tree of Good and NotNot Evil Bitch of and for function-formed crystal-clear resonant harmonies of fruitful free nutrition in Eden's Great Transition for Trees of HealthyLife and against equating sometimes bitchy RightBrain Yin with dualdark Death. It should be easier to be known by knowing others, to be loved by loving others, to be freed by freeing others to become more egoLeft-ecoRight balanced by balancing our bicameral Lefts and Rights with others, polyculturally grateful, rather than against others, with monoculturing nationalistic elitest intent. It should be easier to be loved for Bodhisattva Bitches that we are together a badge of matriarchal courage to matriotically embrace optimizing WinWin outcomes for all Earth's creatures Yang long and fat and Yin-bitch small yet resonant. It could be easier if Trees of Good and NotNot Evil did not insist on being such a Bitch, and could polyculturally and polypathically and polyphonically and polynomial relationally intertwine Gaian Hypotheses; the GoodWitch regenerative words which sometimes feel and act like witch-hunters against an Anthro population still working out important differences and climate issues about what is healthy harvest and what is just plain old-fashioned monoculturing rape. Lady Liberty speaks matriotism to compassion worn-out patriots, it's not just me against you. It should be harder, and perhaps it could, to not be known and recognized and celebrated as icons of mutual gratitude throughout our everyday.
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