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Cooperative Starts
Who wants to join a sacred cooperative with both divine and humane purpose, secular meanings with organic liturgical rites of seasonal passage? Indeed, who would not should ego's veil descend like commodified energy's nonrenewable extinction; LoseLose trends of nihilism within psyche, fascism within a paranoid society which would reduce land and waters of patriotic sacred space to mere commodities for capitalism's WinLose devolutionary embrace, capture of military-industrial creolization projecting dog eat weaker dog over-simplification, thoughtless Either-Or fundamentalism, when truths of dipolar appositions Both-And Win-Win RightBrain beg our sovereign in-flowing loyalty toward renewed rewoven re-ligioned Sacred Ecology, as Gregory Bateson might teach, while Gandhi, like Mohammad, would give up his left-dominant nut, to reach and grasp and know ego/eco-consciousness of WinWin collateral for ecopolitical cooperative outcomes growing heavenly organic healthy incomes, reinvesting future secular-sacred regenerators of EarthJustice for multi-speciating democratic peace rediscovered around extended tribal campfires by night, cooperative financial and political and social and psychological positive trending networks square-rooted in 0-sum notnot wu-wei by day, bilaterals of 4-dimensional equivalent DNA fractal octaves thermodynamic Prime CoRelational Win to Win both secular and sacred ego/eco-cooperative consciousness. A tree begins where it has started, to unfold again what history has brought WinWin and WinLose, both cooperatively eco-conscious RightMind and competitive ego-conscious LeftBody Physics of communication phylogeny, dialectal linguistics of root fractal system structure begun through octave-ergodic infrastructural harmonics of TaoTime greets Mother Earth's embryonic Virgin Space; a DNA-invested viral seed of active hope reweaving. Each robust seed begins in poverty of nature-spirit, far from elitist reactionary over-blooming intent, mutually active distrusts present bilateral pathologies, LoseLose remaining this autonomous eternally paranoid seed of mere opportunity afraid to give birth to each life's sacred-secular potential to transform toward shared ecopolitical destiny to become another Tree of Life in our Forest Eden 2020 revision for post-millennial reforesting of Earth's sinking climate; lack of health care ego-given as eco-received, economically consumed and digested as politically cooperative produced for health-optimizing WinWin outcomes, maturations, acclimations, harvests, decompositions, deep listening learning ecosystemic ego polypathic rebirths, resurging pre-orgasmically happy healthy humors of positive psychology's active hope for Sacred Ecology for exterior sub-climates of Earth and interior landscapes for Matriarchal-Patriarchal Right with Left Eco-Ego-harmonic fractal 0-sum regenerative octaves noticing 4D integrity of Earth's 3D space plus one 0-sum prime bilateral of primal TaoTime, CoMessianic West as Bodhisattva East as CoOperative EcoLogic of Sufi's MidEastern Islamic revolutionary Paradise, paradigm of and for cooperative and inclusive sacred jihad; just the opposite of fundamentalism's EgoInspired Terror, totalitarian terrible, denialist through LeftBrain nihilism of RightBrain's sacred ecological-analogical-bilateral 0-sum thermodynamic shamanic origin, convex polynomials as concave bilateral poly-linear paths from FatherSun revolutionary progenitor of Sacred Virgin MotherYin's EarthFlow; ReVolutionary EarthWisdom. Resides potentiated deepest and richest and best in humane spirits of poverty, simplicity, integrity, humility, love, purity of desire for multiculturing diversity; never monoculturing monochromatic perversity entropy of changeless exegetical traditional Time. If I were in the White House or CEO of homeless services, I would invite our bottom 10% to lead our way toward climates of robust resilience ecopolitical repair by asking, as would any cooperative ecotherapist, How can we extend the best parts of your happy days and healthy nights to shrink our ego climates of despair and WinLose ambivalence toward devolution, decomposition of 0-sum regenerativity as what is not degenerativity and building up from there toward universal redemption of ego-death for Earth's mutual ecopolitical reforesting repair of root systems seeding robust polycultured outcomes by day and dreaming FullMoon enlightening surfing peace by diurnal bilateral dualdark notnot Night. Who could not yet conjoin this Sacred Ecology of and for humane-Left divine-Right healthing purposes? Secular teleologies with sacred polypathic regenerative strings of and for Process Theologies, cooperative ReCreation Stories for Trees of HealthyLife over PathologicalDeath reforesting democratic WinWin empowerment.
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