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Houses and Homes
It's said that a house is not a home rather, home is where the heart is I can agree with this statement Of course, I have a wife and 2 growing kids And when it’s time to go to bed They don’t sleep on my aorta or pulmonary veins No, they go to sleep in their beds underneath a wooden frame But I understand what the statement means So allow me to speak on the family Consider the coconut from the coconut tree Its hard outer shell protects the inside sweets Just like the house that protects the family tree Peradventure I stumbled upon a coconut with a cracked shell causing leaks I would discard it simply because drinking from suspect coconuts is not my cup of tea So when I see houses and environments run down, and condemned with cracks and leaks No wonder the family inside is broken and weak We have allowed our conditions and surroundings to go to waste You eat a rotten coconut and tell me how it taste A spoiled core growing with bacteria, germs, and mold Missing fathers, anger, and rebellion causing a love to wax cold But not all families are corrupted from the outside in Yet these families are broken from within They appear to look okay and sometimes great from the outside But come in the door and watch the fireworks fly Though the material representation of curb appeal is present Providing a false sense of happiness and security The public is deceived like fake diamonds with impurities If designer apparel makes you happy like Pharrell, Refrigerators stocked with food by the barrels full sized bathrooms clean and sterile Then why are parents sad and kids hungry for attention While elephants in the house roam around unmentioned These are the ills of a broken home Somehow there is a disconnect in this landline phone What makes a house a home? As I said earlier, it’s often believed that home is where the heart is To get to the root of the statement a question should be asked Where is your heart? Is it in the right place? Or is left alone in the dark Whether many rooms or few In the physical house Is there room enough in your heart To love your kids and/or spouse Is your heart in the place of material wealth and gain? Stained with the shame of fame over pain Performing for the world to see the family movie called "vain" While behind the scenes there are drugs and punched holes out of anger to keep from killing each other in this house called Cain? Or…Is your heart in the right place? The place of Love The place where no matter how many levels there are to your house You still remain above Above the current conditions Whether they be dilapidated or immaculate There is love, peace, training, and discipline in that home habitat Home is where the heart is Make sure it’s not alone Cause when your heart is in the right place Your house will be ready for a home.
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