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If I Understand It
If I understand correctly, and this seems infinitesimally likely, which is nearly infinitely unlikely, but anyway, If we do think bilaterally, then we have regular imagined and remembered, reweaving and unweaving, diversity through spacetime, and then we also have RealTime 4D diversity, and also perversity, which is primarily, and maybe Prime Relationally, 0-Sum absence, as in vacuum, of healthy diversity. I am a student of practical and therapeutic Political Science. They called it Public Administration, as in Civil, and not so much UnCivil, Service, and Community and Economic Development and Creolization when I went to grad school. And teachers and mentors added nutritional elements of PermaCulturing Design to achieve more PolyCulturing LongTerm EcoPolitical Outcomes, where "eco" stands short for cooperative economics and ecological and ecosystemically rational health care giving and receiving through mutual balance of diversity, which is, more or less, the absence of monoculturing ecopolitical dualdark perversity, like being for social and cultural and financial and further empowering cancerous sickness rather than well-culled and spread around wellness. I must have missed something because this appears fairly dipolar appositionally clear, as in not opaque, nondual balancing between diversityYang and perversity not-yet-squared Yin, where double-binding knot-squared equals 0-Sum regenerative fractal, like Eulerian prime-relational function and like RNA, and Her plant spawned phylogeny of respiratory and digestive and root bilateral ecopolitical DNA systems of and for nutrition and expulsition, should there have been such an eliminating reverse exformational word. Where "Her" above always refers to Special Case Mother Earth, as appositionally contrasted with "Him" whom, without Her, can become kind of a patriarchal dominant pain in the health and climate care-receiving ass, which is more of a desecration secularization reductionist and deductive dominant history fascinated with perversities of NOT harmonic Special Case patriarchal LeftBrain languaged dominance, and NorthWestern Hemispheric domesticating and commodifying totalitarian tendencies to underestimate everything Yin correctly. If I understand correctly, as per Bucky Fuller, in Synergetics 2 (pp. 427. 446-7) Special Case is always four equivalent spacetime equals RealTime diverse dimensional quantitative information of the physicist, a subset of the whatever dimensional, and occasionally somewhat perverse, metaphysicist and ecopolitical generalists, less both Left with RightBrain bilateral-diverse Conceptual of Yang as convex system expansion for radiating co-arising information energy ionics as also bionic Yin as a dualdark symmetrical co-gravitating internal system, more "yinyin" as double-binding notnot recessing with universal system co-terminous internal contraction, also concavely Eulerian-squared equivalent with polynomial Special Case radiant co-arising nondual EcoPolitical 4D Yang/Yin Space-with-Time Qualitative Universal System with diverse polycultural and perverse monoculturing outcomes, 4D polypathic RealTime visible and invisible, polynomially and notnot yet quite polynomially reweaving co-gravitation as also co-arising nonduality. But, as I said, this seems only infinitesimally RightBrain likely, so nearly infinitely LeftBrain unlikely, that I heard all this bilaterally correctly as 0-sum multiplying assets through one bilateral-fractal octave of ecopolitically developing octaves equals me, age 64, in wonder and awe about what feels likely diverse balancing, and what is shocking as perversely monocultural crimes against one's own both Right and LeftBrained EcoCentric Ego against all healthcare giving and receiving Humanity, as against cooperative WinWin diversity information OVER competitively perverse WinLose dulled imaginations toward optimizing climate health of EcoPolitical Mother Earth. If I understand bicameral polypathic correctly, which seems RightBrain boring as yet more LeftBrain hubris.
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