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January: is mountain of blessing where the births sing with hope for those Semen mentioned on this occasion to Ottoman Empire where conqueror doesn't Need dozens of sword to shout. He only understands the cap of his life when January was burn since the inception of the world and the time man started to building fences of education. February: where freedom freed it people to capital city under the mercy of The master February has been crying for four centuries to the vultures Sound the quailed porcupine joke to the jackass foul middle of the street. February sees how the environs look like scorpion purges. March: it like wow! It is this time machines chain hope from bear feet not To pedal on stony places, the cup of coffee bright light limbo from all the four cardinal points to center of imagination. Still the kids of March are busy building hope like hot tea in a hungry mouth. April: where I appraise the scent of the night with little press with Slight finger release the impression to the sound of hungry lion pluck attack on group of innocents. April where apple appeases the mind of happiness. May: where the marmalade scene like insects grid with Kings and Queens Where Wars colonized the continent apparition that attributed us and cut the Shared values, it is like we no longer with the same chocolate body. May Melts the hope we paint to the shape of Sahara desert. June: is the time lives realize jaunting like the freak of lizard from the cliff to the naughty hill like boy giggling in the morning for food. In June the stars juxtaposed on the face of lad, it honored the horizon of Thought, July: rain streams where oceans of mud running the streets to court of Beggars ply the night looking the sky roof if not leaking, where they pay To observe night vigil poverty bite the hope of young men from sleeping in The streets, tax tag page of uneducated individuals deciding the success of a nation. August: we organised ideas that can substitute ugly days painted by idle Minds flying night commotion cloud the epithet by personifying sunshine on the beach swimming the edge of life to idyllic verse. August with boiling Noise with fan of to the laughter. September: set it foot to the foulmouthed tantamount to guitar sound of Zinc the sign of agreement cemented the swaps valley to rivers of Imaginations, the morning girl film the rim of September on quavering height of thinking to trouble not the symptom of success to the scenery. The wind Call on us to usher not hypocrite and refined unique taste. October: kisses the octave lines the defiant the truth throws doubt if Diamonds can share smile with octopus the answer of loneliness dilemma of Transforming collaboration to life to the lullaby, charming the child to Bed the night. The Capella of rain motivating emblem zoo corner to the crooners sustaining the superstitious morning to months of decapitation. November: the harvest of love to the Duke of document summon the Lackadaisical caress on broken lips expecting to shag each morning on the Belly of the cloud with system sitting to the syndicate of determining minded individuals. Mosquito bite follicles of cold colored the eyes to asthmatic ash. December: the descendants of December wallows in enjoyment drinking the Night with poetry and ladies on the beach hovering the idle mind to monitor The point of been silly to flash of light like the flash of morning. The Hungry bellies seeking Serenity with nonchalant meters words, don’t waste on dumb ears.
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