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Meaning of nothing
More money makes themselvs better, Such fancy cloths and shoes made with real leather, They judge not knowing what happens behind the curtain, They dont see the lost soul hidden, Beneath the skin holds only darkness within, Unless you have seen the absolute nothing you cant imagine, You cant fix the nothing in your heart with only a bandage, Your left in pain trying to be strong just so damaged, You got no one were'd they all go they vanished, You remember the little things that still make you smile they never banished, You realize theres no one to trust eveything is a lie, You only got you till the day you die, Why are they so mean you see power and your not even the same guy, Money only makes you happy please tell me why?, Its never enough like a spoiled kid always being handed things, Grew up with only the newest and fancyiest rings, You dont know the meaning of hard, Any little problem can be solved with a swipe of your card, Living in nothing you see the beauty in art, Your greatful for what you own even if its all sitting in a grocery cart, Dont have anyfriends because you know eventually youll part, Youll miss them they fly fast by like a dart, Some one with nothing will give you all he has just ask, He hides his pain and sorrow deep behind the poorly stitched mask, Never knowing the future or whatll come of tomorrow, The sick thin old man never steals never borrows, His home is beaufiful, he says he gets to see the sinrise above the sowarroes, Watch the gofers go underground. Burro, Beneeth the stars he sleeps on a cought, Let a lesson here be taught, Happiness is inside you it can not be bought, Even tho the old man eats and drinks out the same ole rusty pot, Unlike the pot his heart is strong will never rought, The old man said theres no such thing as nothing, He said no listen now im not 7bluffing, Nothing is a word made from the rich to make it look like they have it all, The nothingness shows the true beauty even when you fall, Like back when you were a kid and the only thing that made you happy was that red ball, He remminise on the good days, His life was always hard but he never changed his ways, He kept his job worked hard until he got his raies, He never had much walked through life blind folded in a maze, Leave all your worries lock em in a cage, Live your life like your back stage, Not a soul is watching you have a voice thats your advantage, Youll miss it if you go runnin through life making it a race, Keep it at a slow pace, Let go of all the negativity in your life youll run outa space, Its nice to just sit back and listen only to the base, The rich throws things away like its nothing while the old man makes sure it dont go to waist, Those goodtimes can get tough keep em glued to your heart with paist, I still remember my mammas food so thankful for the taist, The rich may come out strong hardheaded and rude, But let me tell ya they prolly never went a week without food, Out on your own trying make something outa nothing its hard to pursue, Their always right why bother fight theyll still argue, Their opinion is worthless time to discontinue, Let them do what they do best watch them try to undervalue, Than you just smile wave and say thank you,
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