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What is My Ethnic name and Who are the Namers
I arose a proud African lineage from far Mid Northern, Southern, Western; Stolen, Trick, Bought given to the Slave traders; I have a many names then I had my Father's name I had my tribal name and maybe even county name WOW? Who are these namers and what do they want? Brought to a new land over the oceans many waters; What is the meaning of this; Don't know their language; Made me forget mine; I can stand it; I don't remember what is my name; How do I get back home? Why is it Most races have a primary name for there ethnicity; Who are these namers and what do they want? Now from Slave time to the 1800's May have been called African even Negro even the "N" word One hundred years later someone changed it to Colored Then again fifty more years came may have went back to Colored; As the 1960's came someone said we were Negro's, Said we were Blacks Never giving up the "N" words couldn't git to relax; Who are the Namers and what do they want; And why are we the only race whose name gets changed every decade; Spanish and French words for the darkest colors is .......... Later sixties early seventies the Namers started calling us Afro-Americans; Then later reverted to Blacks, every now and then seems like they revisited Black and briefly Colored; So just who am I on the census polls, cause it just don't make any sense; Now to the mid-seventies again African Americans every one watching Roots by Alex Haley But whom am I, who am I still I cry, I don't no my name every ten years or so you just change it again, where have I been; Still the census, don't make sense The Namers are still at it; a decade rolls by and again seems like I don't know why; What is my ethnic and who are the Namers; again and again seems every decade, decade, you change my name over and over again so it seems from the 1980's until the 2000's; We may have arrived but yet it was repeated once again; Blacks, African Amercians; Now not to sound confused nor disrespectful to our new Americans Those of Togo, Sudan, and other African regions; As they come over to America and become Citizens they still have their handle, title, country, personal name history/ origin; You, I , they are called African Americans, yet still so am I So we both are but yet why do I cry; For you see they know their True name while I just get by Who am I Who am I Just as Ask the Namers, who are they you wonder, you ask They know who they are; I wish I knew who I was; Again we are the only race whose name you keep changing They know who they are; I wish I knew who I am; Maybe in 2020, we be Colored again? ? ? ? written by James Edward Lee Sr.(c)2017 Dedicated to All those Oppress people Pass, Present Future The Hopeless, the Homeless, the Father/Mother less, Those without their natural country "there's praise in words and words in praise"---James Edward Lee Sr.
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