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A Journeyman
A Journeyman Prologue and Epitaph: I am the fool, the jester, clown, a harlequin, charade, façade of many shades and colours, mascara over broken fragments, dead and gone 1) Megalomaniac charlatan, lost in destruction, finding the path, the touch, the miracle and Universe, discover magic’ sight on the route to meaning. 2) Beyond control, I find the intuition, dreams and foresight, feelings, motherhood and patience for letting go, caress and nurture love. From myth and truth of heaven’s guidance to male, to female strength united 3) Yes, I live and grow on fertile soil and soul when mother nature emerges from fickle restlessness to loops of undiscovered trust and guidance. 4) Ideas, convictions, structure, order, evolve from wishes, fantasies, anticipation, leaving stubbornness, rigid perfection by the wayside. Some agency, control, conscientious parenting, terra firma, novel seeds 5) Aware of holy spirits, sacred messages, quintessential meaning’s direction awaits to evolve from self-righteousness and aberration. A shibboleth, signpost at crossroads signals decisive steps, epiphany 6) Freedom to follow kindness and compassion, the liberty to shed the past, seek and reflect upon the future, I rewrite my story. Origin, route and aim, a circled prism to unity, and wholeness, multitude 7) Contradictions, seeming disunited poles, polar opposites unite my thirst for action, drive and motivation, leave the child behind and live the child. 8) I follow justice, attempt to comprehend the world, seek the balance, courage, responsibility, serenity and wisdom, still so far away. To enquire into dichotomy and reason, a man or woman needs to feel 9) Here comes inspection, quest for understanding and my real name, my essence; ignorance wants to be shed, a world view far from distance. 10) There is a wheel of fate, not helpless, fatalistic, weak submission, when I discover task in life and voluntary forces of growth and change from solitude. 11) Like Orpheus and Achilles or a deep-sea miner, I need to travel shadows, Underworld, the path of darkness, braveness to emerge the other end. Consciousness, sub-consciousness, perception, hard thought emotion, light 12) The point of hanging from the tree of resolution, of growth and change, when the cross of healing spurts new buds and sprouts from older wood. 13) My death and crises, farewells, bring forthright new beginnings; mountains to climb and conquer, appear as challenges, coming to terms. 14) Humility, moderation, a golden means, even the equilibrium of moderation, come tentatively into being and I find solace on my steps of no return. 15) There is resistance, captured in a spider web of demons, devils, black dogs on shoulders and I become aware of relapse into tempestuous temptations. Learning the language of the soul, of turmoil is no price to pay for freedom 16) My tower looms large, it was a prison, now a fortress of broken chains and shackles and shouting from the roof tops requires steep ascent. 17) Emerging from Inferno, my Star shines light on sparkling wells, recovers spurts of rejuvenation, the bigger picture grips my fancy and delight. A small part of the Universe am I, and thus I am a part of wholeness and my Self 18) In fear of my own depth, a tight rope beckons and yet the Moon, my guide and partner tells me to leave the Ariadne thread behind and venture forth. 19) I never thought that I would grasp, all those prisms, condensations, refractions, my knight in shining, peaceful ardor, and yet the Sun is there to see. 20) I find not judgement, penal colonies of serfdom, but court my inner jury, internal healing becomes my friend and soul-mate, I step outside. Into the World of measured birth, new life and what is clear and dear and sacred 21) My words of inner dialogue and of communion with what was the Other, appears and stays and then the circle starts again, same story, different. Epitaph and Prologue: I am the fool, the wiser man for now, a gentle jester, speaking truth, my truth I am Tarot, all cards of my Arcana, Tar the path and Ro the King. I draw on pictures, metaphors and wise depictions, anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Whoever I am in my journey, I begin to want and need interdependent partnership with everything out there and most of all, with whoever I can be, will be and will become. Written all my life and on the 28th June 2017, for a contest ‘Create a Character’ and for my contest and conquest, going on and on in spirals…
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