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Victories for Love
The problem of military reactions to territorial control issues is not merely that violence breeds further strategic development of violence, although this is no small, nor amoral, concern. This primal problem of militarism by historic default is that it is an intrinsically violent chapter in the Big RedBook of Capitalism, rooted in God created elite might right. Notice the tools we make and buy for soldiers. Compare these to tools in the Peace Corp. These tell the very different problem-solving environments found in authority to take life rather than responsibility to share life. And which of these feels sacred? And which feels evil? Whether a necessary evil or not, still evil is not an amoral enculturation choice over presumably weaker sacred options. Our problem with birthing and raising nations is similar to growing healthy mammalian babies. Violent authority-based relationships and love nurturing responses and nutritional responsibilities grow viral within individuals, families, tribes, systems, populations, species, climates and landscapes of planets. Yet it is a relativistic mistake, a compromising error, to believe WinLose choices rather than WinWin co-responsive options are merely strategic architectures, without moral implications, heritage, and projections for growing more democratic love or degenerating further violence, the true capital investment returns for choosing to spread one's dominant authority rather than cooperative EarthCentering responsibilities. The U.S. democratic-intended Constitution, and Amendments, were born of both love for this people and this place, this sacred land, developed in a new responsibility, a New OldWorld opportunity to grow a multiculture of healthy inclusive love, yet also born of hate for Royalist elitism, capital-hoarding supported by threat of military violence authorized by right of a Crown not made by merely human hands but, yes, made by cowed human minds, resulting in often exploited backs and legs and arms races and racism, including conscription of the darkest and poorest first, creating a new nationalistic suppressed generation in toxic patriarchal authorities to take foreign life because of something larger bigger more Yang-significant and dominant than risks of our own Yin-lives individually lost, Implying authorities to incriminate lives of brothers and sisters, to deprive healthy lives to enemies of the State, now become a God of CapitalHoarding Revenge, a jealous rich god of elitism, gone viral with MADness. The U.S. is a continuing experiment in these double-binding addictions to love's responsibilities toward WinWin democratic resolutions, and violations of cooperative authority devolving toward further WinLose reiterations of suboptimizing health-wealth strategies, as if positive love morality of cooperation could ever be normatively set-aside for double-negatives of hating foreign fathers and violating their heathen wives as merely sexual property. Rather Old School, Old Testament, Old History this military-industrious violent authority to defend capitalism's dominance, a perennial contagion we spread through using younger bodies as rented slaves for mutual slaughter rather than investing in cooperative Peace Warriors equipped with more permacultural loving tools like trees and solar panels, cell phones and seeds for regenerativity. A history of democratic love is born and restored at home through developing cultures of healthy care-receiving and giving, certainly including a federal mandate for universal health care, but not just for U.S. tax payers; for all Earth's lives, our native Elders, without whom we never could have arrived at this opportunity to choose contagious climates of health over toxic addictions to further WinLose climates of capital-hoarding violence within and between brothers and sisters, matriarchal cousins extending cooperative family co-gendering trees back through spacetime, prehistoric polypathic nondual love. And yet I can hear Puritan foundations, evangelical voices responding ex-gospel cathedra: We still cling to our Jealous God of and for White Heterosexual Male Dominant Idolatry with rights of capital-invested might to violently defend our self-entitling righteous beliefs. Yet, this Jealous YHWH, I AM THAT I AM, supremacist shouts more commandingly only in our Older Testament. Jesus knows Abba whose ultimate property is restoring perfect love, a property you also believe in as New Testament GoodNews Gospel. This is where love's ecopolitical responsibilities emerge, evolve as morally higher and better and deeper rooted than simplistic Old School violent revenge of royal-supreme Elites. Again I hear evangelists and false prophets of violent revolutions against secular humanism shouting with spit-flying emphasis: We must not believe in God's evolution as this is a view incompatible with God's Original Creation Revolution of planet Earth and Her atmospheric Universe. Your theological and emotional health issues are all the New Testament scriptural evidence that Jesus the Jewish Son clearly does believe in messianic love's evolution, from Vengeance Is Mine! to God is multiculturing contagion of therapeutic love, and not at all Old School RoyalState-Capitalist military violence addiction. If you see love of revolving regenerativity, wealth of health opportunities as weaker than violently vengeful WinLose monoculturing risks, this view is not much Christ-like. Had God invited your birth and maturation prior to 1776, you might well have felt compelled by fear of King George's righteous royal entitlement. Christian Elitists are not what mainstream political U.S. culture has ever labeled as truly patriotic or USA indigenous in any historical senses of native as naturalized, enspirited, and most emphatically not what either Republicans or Democrats would consider patriotic promise of a national evolving multiculture of wealth today for restoring health tomorrow.
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