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CareGivers Among Us
To receive care that best meets your needs, and also, by the way, everyone else's too, we look first to where and when we have given such care since our original longest reborn journey down Mom's birth canal, prepared just in time for our delivery, as traumatic as that must have been, life's first lesson in receiving care that feels like giving care and will and desire for life together on a more even give and take terra firma. So too, when sorting through complex patterns and rhythms and seasons of giving care best suited to our experience so far, we look first to where and when we have received such great care that it felt and seemed life's loveliest way to give care back, in kind. We look for superior models of care-receivers who clearly thrive on cooperative care-giving. Let's say you are discerning which of two, or any manageable number of, candidates for giving optimal care to our shared health and wealth outcomes, both short-term and long-term WinWin outcomes preferred. We look first for the candidate with the wisest and most successful practices as a cooperatively responsible and authoritative co-parent of and for developing strong give-to-take care relationships, inviting Both-And mutual problem-solvers, avoiding starkly fundamentalistic Either its white and good Or its black and not so much. Second, I look for the best teachers, who are also positively regenerate mentors for health-wealth living, cooperatively active design and planning listeners, then Both-And speakers, deeply and richly experienced in non-violent discernment, cooperative mindfulness, discussion, dialogue, which might briefly descend into some mutually-loyal and respectful debate, in which protagonists speak what they have heard and seen positive from antagonists throats and actions, and, if so, only with ultimate outcome goals of generating cooperative WinWin outcomes together no later than the end of each economic and political day. Care givers practicing best practice frown on slovenly slackers letting loyal oppositionalists go to bed angry. Not feeling cared for, neglected if not abused, as if they were not doing their best to become grown up care-givers too. This educational care-giving role is best relentlessly practiced as a listening of and for care-receiving praxis, co-intelligenting experiments with perennial seasonal trends from birth through springs of care-receiving, summers and falls of care-giving, harvest through death where we could no longer distinguish between these nondual co-arisings we ecopoliticized as climates and landscapes of life's regenerational healthy trends. To receive optimal ecopolitical care through all four seasons, we look first for those mentors winter-born, giving cooperative nondual co-arising care, and getting regenerative results. So, yes, I would choose a wise democratic constitutional legal teacher and mentor, with strong parenting experience and apparent outcomes, over a dysfunctional parent and spouse, with Wharton School for the Entitled Empire college experience, taught merely how best to Win today, without worrying too awfully much about tomorrow, or other immigrants along our capital developing play learning power and control by exploiting real estate, and those who reside within these well-marketed properties where they must Lose as much as capitalist-hungry markets will competitively bare, before we all Lose. Even the game of Monopoly ends when only one monoculturing capitalist remains wondering how to best receive care now the other players finally have succumbed to patriarchy's ego omnipotence of relentless LeftBrain powering over the luck of Earth's nutritional draws to reward cooperators and punish competitors, eco-matriarchs blending ego-patriarchs co-arising. If your nation and your planet desperately need to receive remedial mentoring care, where will we find candidates and appointees mentoring optimal health giving care planning and ecologically regenerative design, cooperative ownership practice, mutual governing non-violent listening skills? Where would Jesus look? Where did he look for leaders and teachers for future generations, for future spiritual-natural policy and program economic and political developers? Probably CoMessiahs do not first look for future empowering candidates at Wharton School, and probably not any Ivy Leagues, although maybe. But we look first for healthiest and happiest winter-borns, untouchable transgenders, especially those with amazing parent resumes as teachers and actors of multicultural mentoring. Jesus might look for lesbians of color, Native American matriarchs with cooperative-ownership histories filled with healing hurt kids, including wondrously gay left-handed artists of color, grandparents of challenged kids who know who they can safely go to when someone wise needs to listen for they have no other hope in these climates of future despair. CoMessiahs look for wealth of cooperative living spirit. Healthy care-givers who have learned to receive care despite being alien-born into a culture defining them as disenfranchised immigrants who must thrive as if natives within Earth's still-standing PolyPathic Tribe of humanizing matriarchal-patriarchal trees. To receive best practice economic and political care, look for those who thrive from receiving care as giving care with multiculturing challenged kids, pretending to become cooperatively mature adults, and committed to our healthy air-creating partners, flowering shade trees recreating fertile organic forest gardens for climbing both up and down together emancipating winter-born nuts waiting for spring's revolutionary season for cooperative care giving as receiving.
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