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Josh 12 poems of loss
Josh 12 poems of loss Josh: 12 poems of loss CSParker (full book) I hate heroin for what it took from me josh who could always make me laugh put a smile on my face when I was down heroin took you from me but your memory lives on if I could turn the tide if I could walk on water I’d be there with you too erase the day you died now in my heart theirs pain on my soul there’s strain yeah I’ve done it once or twice but you you paid the price and no sir its not fair price too high for still I care don't cry for me the day I die just remember it’s all gone by and enter me to the cosmos for now I can fly find you a home in the holes of heaven if you can’t make it in the front door find a place in my heart before I lock the door how to move on when its all a lie any of us all of us are destined to die I can’t take it anymore what is reality for when it just breaks my heart some people dying cuz they can’t fart is it all a joke this trixter this jester tears at my throat tears coming now and I cant stomach that day 25 from which you plummet just a fun guy on his way such a kind heart hell has some fury when I come by I don't know what to do except write a poem pour my heart on the page to know well its better than a cage AA had it right set up so tight in one lone breath jails institutions death josh if I could have you back wed share a smoke and have a laugh find a place in the house of your fathers find peace in a summers breeze walk on forever on the other side help us to turn the tide beat heroin before it takes one more life they say its nation wide this epidemic touches us all we all know someone who died it cant be tolerated any more death to drugs when drugs bring death to our front door we have the opportunity to end this thing educate our young to understand the lie that the high is never worth the cost if and only if just one dies so how many to call out fuck Trump and Clinton will someone please listen josh bro don’t go so soon you never got to hear the loon I wish I could have brought you to my peace may you rest and find release Crocadil all these days ill be missing without you makes me sad I can’t be with you anymore your smile was electric we were something together always laughing at the breeze so today I hope that very breeze will help you on your wandering way go see the world and seize the day josh I'm sorry but I must live my life I love you bro I love your wife so lets all live on please, please this I plead just don't die again this afterlife
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