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Immigrants Gone Native
I suppose it isn't rather nice to think of us this way, but to the squirrels and the trees, the robins and the grasses, human natures are Earth's great transitioning immigrants on this block we call a planet. In this newest arrival sense, I hope and fear we are Earth's greatest immigrant yield, pushing transitional boundaries toward radical landscape and even climate caustic developments Earth prefers somewhat less infestation of, for every animated creation's sake. Even the rivers and lakes and ice caps and glaciers complain about us, their latest wave of high maintenance immigrants. Cousins, maybe, when Earth's NonHuman Tribes are in a more generous mood. Extended family drawn from pre-historic RNA, then those upstart DNA, roots, yet still evolving emergent family economies out to uncomfortably embrace our less ecological nonsense, causing further stress among all our natural-spiritual natives. Some, like rattle snakes and scorpions, seem quite riled up about our Beacon on a Hill attitudes toward them, our originating hosts. It is, after all, one thing to become grateful immigrants, and quite another to become entitled supremacists and racists and sexists where patriarchs rule over, and too often against, our matriarchal lines of Earth's Original Instructions, embryonic Golden Rule mentors for native multiculturing thrival, which survivalist "us-or-them" recent immigrants to the White House, not to name names, reduce to food chain narrow-minded nonthinking, not noticing Earth chains of nutrition are also lattices, circling spirals of eco-immigration journeying together dynamic cooperative systems of mutually becoming. Healthy nature networks have exegetical advantage seeing and feeling this lattice structured system of each new species' generation producing new immigrants from our wombs and harvested, although not necessarily planted, health wealthing seeds. New immigrant generations, young ones, may better know and sense our mutually emergent immigrant status, circling back toward Original Golden Rule Instructions, to enfranchise all life as liberally inclusively graciously polyculturally as mutual positive outcome possible to better sing and dance our proudly shared immigration histories; co-celebrants interdependently polypathic and polyphonic. More than just a humble postscript, this play of natures across Earth's immigration stage proclaim: If natural and spiritual reason supports democracy as healthy, and totalitarian WinLose ecopolitics as pathological, for human natures emigrating toward health including happiness including prospects of co-operative wealthing outcomes, then Earth's historical evolutionary grace kindly invites us to recall by reconstructing, What is good for human nature must remain good for all Earth natures, animated becomings, or our native host species never would have given residency to us, this last great transitional wave of vulnerable immigrants. Just because these older waves of immigrants can't talk our democratic talk does not mean they don't walk our health and pathology walk. When in doubt about such radical co-franchisement ask fading glaciers and polar caps how they are voting with their melts while human natures continue to stomp our immigrating feet, hold our newborn breath, until we hear more blue-green matriarchal, turquoise regenerate cycling for some who study emigrating bilateral spirals. WinLose temperature elevating tantrums, holding nature's collective breath captive, waiting for rebirth of co-animating choices as Earth's Tribes of EcoImmigrants flowering spirals, effective spells inciting this one last great co-immigrant transition into reborn matriarchal, also cooperatively-owned partner patriarchal, full-living color, inviting each and all to never fade out to all Western NorthernWhite Capitalists pursuing monocultural supremacy of WinLose entropy, empty dissonance, white noise of Other Absence. Squirrels and trees, robins and rivers, have chosen us to emigrate from past times with them toward our mutual co-enfranchisement. So, no fair anti-ecologically disenfranchising them, our native healthing happy prosperous democratic hosts.
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