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FullColor Revolutions
We might we must we mightily engage color's radical invitation toward democracy, in which black camouflages equal opportunity, creolizes equivalent enculturations of diversity's tones and hues and historic chilling cries. We could thereby release this collective stranglehold on white as might and right or fight absence of color's ecological transparency, vulnerability becoming whichever rhythms and patterns and designs embraced by history's plutocracies, aristocracies of inherited reasons and power over multiculturing regard for more nuanced beauty as shading good and graduating vital dense and high and deep and rich refracting black's full unweaving potential in wheels and spirals, octaves of transmorphing resounding form with fertile major and minor functions; prime polynomials and sublime notnot fully stretching spiral binomials. Earth is no more as simple as white over black emerging from dualdark before color-fractal light than merely patriarchal competitions or matriarchal cooperations; color speaks and thinks, resonates and resolves and reweaves more richly promising than polarizing extremes, neither black nor white possible or probable much less primary without triaged enlightenment inducting from within, deducting with without, hypostatic co-arisings of sacred-secular heavenly Light bespeaking Earth nutrition's humus humming singing ringing left as ultra with right as violet, black dipolar light less bright, spilling shades of grey to red and blue yellow green in-between just right spacetime ego-eco balancing identities dipolar inducting from embryonic matriarchs deducing with wisdom's wealth of reasons for and of within and yet beyond regenerating dipolar seasons revolving revolutions, time's color passing passioning promise, integrity of speciating spectral hue and cry time and pitch resonant polypathic polyphonic polyculturing outcomes polynomial Earth resolving harmonics. We are so statically and strategically stuck between exegetical polarities of black on white and transparency of white supremacy over black opaque mysteriously unexplored unappreciated under-valued rich density, matriarchs riding co-passioning patriarchs and patriarchs overpowering matriarchs, we miss robust complexity midway between where all our best and brightest ecopolitical opportunity awaits our reawakening full-color claims of freedom strains of rights blends of fearless liberty gathering redolent resonance. Each of us, regardless of our position on Earth today has emerged continuously from cooperative matriarchal embryonics back through time, across diversity of organic species, on back to synergetically regenerate organisms singing ringing back as forth, our polyphonic full-fractal spectrum between within beyond grey-scale lines of black Yang fully interdependent loving white Yin empty potential polypathic promise.
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