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Starting With Beginnings
Left: Let's start at the beginning of your ecotherapeutic day. I'm talking today with Fr. Time, Earth's only fully self-ordained ecotherapist, and recently published author of "Journals of MotherEarth." We have no corporate sponsorships to report, although we are for sale especially if you're buying, or know anyone who is, and can afford us-- cause we ain't cheap. Well then, What do you eat for breakfast? Right: Usually mushrooms with fish oil and a little pomegranate juice. Left: Any particular kind of mushrooms? Right: No, just a generic mix, why? You want some recommendations? Left: Sure, why not. You're going to go there anyway. Right: Stay away from the poisonous ones, more toxic ways of being and becoming too internally competitive, combusted, angered, riled up. Left: Well, thank you, I think... I know that's gonna make my day. So, what's after breakfast? Right: Usually lunch. Left: Is this like a culinary theme? Oh...I get it... the ecotherapist is also a nutrition producer/consumer balancing actor within regenerative cultures of temporal health. So, tell us, Fr. Time, What do you make and eat for lunch and are you sure you're not supported by the Robert Wood Johnson folks? Right: Could you do one question at a time, please? I have trouble hearing both at once. Left: But, you're gonna try aren't ya? Right: Well, only because of your gracious invitation to apply what we learn from cultures of health regarding nutritional choices for internal and external climates nurturing sensory cooperations. Left: Oh yes. Matriarchy rears your democratic agenda again. Help me understand why you connect patriarchal politics to capitalism's competitive economics? Right: They are nondual partners and are clearly not my protagonists. We should choose a healthier balanced lunch in a culture of nutritional wealth, regenerate abundance. Left: Not choose at all? Or, not choose as much of the patriarchal option? Right: Not choose patriarchal capitalism over matriarchal cooperative-investment in democracy-optimizing equity of nutritional interdependent polycultural balance, if we have to call it all that. Although, why not just call it Left-Right Patriarchal-Matriarchal Yang-Yin Ego-EcoSystemic BiLateral polypathic? This wasted complexity is beyond my present time of eco-conscious reason. Left: I'm sorry. Was that yes, don't ever choose investing in patriarchal ecopolitical systems or No, it's OK to go with better balancing patriarchal strengths with matriarchal nurturing of co-equity cooperatives. Right: Why is it always either-or with you? Left: OK. Time out. Remember our interview contract. I do the asking. You do just the both/and answering part. And, you are not allowed to critique my questions while we're on air together, or even later, when you're off on your own talking to some other LeftBrain dominant journalist. Right: Oh, that's who you are today? Oops...OK. Yes, It's OK to play Win/Lose as responsive to prior patriarchal competitive Win/Lose LeftBrain dominant players and actors and governors and educators and medical professionals and care-givers providing only Anger Management fearful skills rather than deep ecotherapeutic listening skills to ecological light and dark, warm and cold, seasons with nutritionally flowing reasons, skill sets for decomposing Principles of Reversion. And, no it's not OK for matriarchal cooperative creolization of Win/Win ecopolitics to not exegetically delineate health-wealth (0)-sum sacred polypathic ego/ecology. These two responses are double-bound, heuristically notnot, causing cognitive-affective equivocating dissonance, until notnot equals matriarchal/patriarchal ecopolitical cooperation. Left: And, this Left Patriarchal Dominance and Right Matriarchal ecosystemic cooperative ownership and self-with-other governance is where we Golden Rule started, in our matriarchal string of wombs, so, that's where Fr. Time articulates delineates we best win spiraling up and in together. Right: My memory of our contract stipulates that, just as I am confined to ecotherapeutic responses, you are confined to asking questions about how I get through my self/other-journeying day. Left: Quite right, and left. Sorry. sometimes I get drawn into your ebbing and egging and flowing and flowering cooperative web. So, lunch. What's for lunch? Right: Not sure. Whatever the Robert Wood Johnson folks are buying to further our cooperative global health. Left: So. Not McDonalds I guess. Right: At least not until they change their structure to cooperative employee ownership and start serving more mushrooms and fish oil with pomegranate juice for lunch. More of a brunch really. Left: Fortunately, I'm out of time to waste asking you questions today. So, we'll have to hear about dinner during a later visit. Thanks for coming by and why didn't you disclose your Robert Wood Johnson sponsorship? Right: Nothing to disclose. I told you. I support them as I support all cooperative deep sacred ecological education and governance as ecotherapeutic remediation of LeftBrain enculturation dominance way back in PreMillennial Times. I signed our PostMillennial ReGenerative Interview Contract supporting opportunities of cooperative corporate, profit and non-profit, public and private sector, educational and family sector economic and political health. Left: You know, you scare me sometimes. Right: Was that a question? Because the answer is Yes, but you scare easily when confronted by cooperative Commons notnot (0)-sum ego-ecological sense. Left: Is this about who is going to control this double-binding interview? Right: It's about us co-operating our global ego/ecotherapeutic climates of discerning just what is our optimal enculturation of healthy intent, therapeutic praxis, co-empathic consciousness, polypathic bilaterality toward more gracious ego/ecological nutritional balance. Left: Is that dinner for you? Right: The whole banquet of life through death.
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