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The Askance Chapter 4 Part 3a
Love, Hate And War Somehow, I felt unnaturally at peace at heart Accepting all there is whether in reality or in dreams I felt changed in finality from a past torn apart Yet, I’m unable to realize what is all to mean Given my current status, I’ve lost what belongs dear to me Perhaps I might say, dear in reality and make-believe Though living a false truth beyond living humanity It is as real as what the passage of dreams can achieve I’ve lost the love I can see in presence I’m lost the will in savouring financial comfort I’ve developed an inability to see reason And as silently I go, I travel the paths unheard As for the land beyond, to fight for good to triumph I can recognize faith and all good will for the cause Yet, those of darkness can I find myself the moment When I know it’s the price for reality to be lost Am I to sleep once more… at peace? Am I to regain what I deem lost to time? Tranquility I yearn to place my heart at ease Yet somehow I always felt left behind {I presume it to be sundown when I awoke The reds in the sky, the warmth to be soaked It seems so absurd how tranquil it feels to just be here For the dark to dare venture in uncertainties without fear And in silence we watch as the Sun dies away Knowing to be soon, must we usher in the darkness to stay What sort of nightmare is this coming night to lure? How much more of trials are we to vanquish or to endure? And from a distance not too far away, Alkaiya was in trance Studying and awaiting for direction for the right wind to dance The wind was soft and enchanting for when it blew And from a little twirl amidst the sand, our course was due Northeast was the route we set into the stony fields Silent and cold, dry and eerie to have discomfort to yield Nevertheless, our destination to the Temple of Erl-gria spurred us forward Arming the sin-fill sword within my grasp yet feeling useless and awkward Noticeably, there were blacken leech-like insects crawling around Edging through the stones in pursue of fresh blood to hound And I looked to Alkaiya for guidance from this predicament Yet… her face was utterly ashen and in awe of bafflement And before she could voice the incomprehensible notion The leeches sprang and erupted in the midst of our apprehension Alike quicksand yet in opposition in the contraceptive way The sheer number would we be powerless to keep at bay
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