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Problems of Success
Old misunderstandings of how Earth and Her species evolve, regeneratively and degeneratively change, sometimes in revolutionary expansive/implosive quick and great transitions, but more traditionally in slow-grow emergent spacetime development, are often summarized in secular capitalism's Might Makes Fertile Right. While this does capture the Yang strength side of Earth's fast and slow revolutions, PermaCulture Design's principles for polycultural long-term success, rather than ego-endosymbiotic monoculturing, this generation only, success, stresses our need to return, to repent, say the prophets, to revive, say the preachers, by turning from high individualistic-competing yields from non-renewable fuel-driven technologies, as if only they were God-Given, to set an evolving clock backward toward non-regenerative energy descent, degenerative trends and concomitant traumas of our current overshoot into climate and landscape pathologies, internal-egotistical and external-anti-ecological. Succeeding time in evolutionary reverse, appears revolutionary to those of us who have been chosen by colonialist capitalism's logical transition conclusions to retrain old faith and reliance on using less competitive and more sustainable yields from Father Sun's solar Yang-radiant strength and Mother Earth's wind and water Yin-nurturing flows from and for renewing recycling restoring regenerating resources. This is not so much about anger competition management, and more about restorative ego/eco justice. The problem of Might Makes Right success stories is they patriarchally dominate, and matriarchally suboptimize, Yin's ecofeminist flow opportunities for maximum yield and optimal cooperative-constitutional nutritional reinvestment. Patriarchy's singularity, intrinsic domineering supremacy, hides its oppression of our bilateral nondual co-arising matriarchal/patriarchal recessive-reverse-hierarchical network stretching and extending multiculturing balance ego/eco opportunities. Yin's embryonic, womb-like, nutrition-nurturing ego/eco zero-sum equivalence, but within an open ecological Universe, with WinWin positive polynomial and polypathic bicamerality with double-binding negative ambivalent N(NP) effect-cause spacetime dipolar co-arising spiral re-linearity, the very sideways holonic fractal/octave "8" scale octave structure of regenerative bilateral DNA and RNA, and our iconic nature symbol for Eternity, without stipulating whether perpetuating successes emerge toward Paradise or DualDark entropic chaos, dark Yang v Yin over light C-Yin and C-Yang as c-squared dipolar appositional as Eulerian ergodic harmonic fractal as Fullerian 0-sum cooperative synergetic thermodynamics of/for from/toward deduct freedom from/induct freedom to Left/Right 4-equivalent dimensional co-arising organic spacetime. This problem with capitalism's evolutionary success is its cultural weight too far beyond devolutionary overshoot of Might Makes Patriarchally Left v Matriarchal Right outmoded unbalanced paradigms. This way of not seeing, and therefore voting for, perversely supporting unhealthy Earth's anti-wealthiest devolutionary future is intrinsically anti-Christian, and anti-multiculturing religious, anti-social anti-sacred ecology in general and basic ego/ecojustice principle. Capitalism's competitive excesses desecrate Earth's cooperative Commons essentially by denying this wisdom of regenerative-cooperative democratic co-reinvestment in future healthy abundance; Which is not a logical or ecological possibility in the co-presence of Yin-Matriarchal-Cooperative flow-power enculturing equivalence, advocating for climates and landscapes of healthywealth ambivalence, polycultural and polypathic and polynomial and multiculturing polyphonically creolizing capitalism's tradition as understory of Earth's cooperative nutritional health as mutual trust economy. WinLose games and ecopolitical strategics of Me Against You do not sustain when they dominate within an ecosystem, a population, a democratic citizenry, a universe, a ReIterative Communication Gaming Frame, or even within attempts to retain open communication lines, requiring both Yang-integrity speaking skills and Yin bilateral cause-effect-cause recycling co-arising dipolar listening skills. If capitalism is a true success of Earth's wealth history, how is it also notnot potential failure for Earth's healthiest Paradise retention potential? Scientific method, to become and remain optimally successful, has always theoretically watched for importance of both deductive Win/Lose tests, and cooperative mutually-inductive, co-informing, communications transcending specialized paradigms, promoting WinWin speciated learning reiteratively delineating successes, permacultural nutritional outcome production, not just information about what has been consumed from and in our past, but also wisdom about what we could produce more transliteratively danced and sung together. Too long articulated hypostasis is also too immature creolization potential; these two nondually co-arising together rebeginning ourselves toward sacred dipolar re-acclimations.
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