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The Fairy Ring Part Two
It said "Listen now and listen well, you who looks upon what's mine: The ground between the aureole round the ring of tree and vine. You look upon a fairy ring and stand before it in this trance, I've caught you in so that you may heed a warning if you chance." And as I begun to understand the language of the voice I hardly understood, The sky turned black with trickled grey when lightening lit the haunted woods. Like a camera shutter whose flash freezes time and captures it in its glass, Plasmic faces appeared between the trees as lightening above had passed. With each flicker of ionized air whose static staccato struck the air, A face appeared with a fearsome frown beneath their flowing fiery hair. The voice continued saying: "Pay attention to the transpiration of the morning dew, From which perspires the elementals who dwell among mankind's make of clay and glue. Your malleable muck of mind is stuck behind that which makes the fey, Who once ruled this Earth alongside man during the ancient pagan days. Humans strived with earthen spirits of water, flames, fumes, and stones, Receiving help from those who tarry in that which is flown, burnt, blown, and grown. The sylphs do swirl inside the air, as undines shine in water and ice, And salamanders sear the cinders of gnomes' wood and earth you humans slice. Now into private sections this Earth's divided by your greedy meager demands, A capitalistic social practice of environmental plight this planet cannot withstand. These rings we've grown are warnings that the Earth cannot be owned, By the humans who think this world is theirs as if you live here all alone. Property is the fallacy from false arbitration of this world's sacred land, And if humans continue claiming cuts of its crust you all shall be forever banned. From the tempests whose fires shall scorch that which destroys and drowns, The Earth shall be freed from she and he who claim it with fake and royal crowns. Now you are but a boy whose word is that in of itself, But you can see us which means that you are in part elf. Teach what I have taught you now to as many of your human kin, For if humans do not begin to see then their end here shall begin." With that he vanished in a voltaic bolt of blasted lightning, Whose thunder shook my bones though I did not find it frightening. For what I fear hails from that which we've done as a selfish species: Claimed this land to devour it and then excrete it out as infertile feces. We are embarking on the verge of suicidal apocalypse as we continue to ignore, The ground upon which we claim as ours along the floors of polluted ocean shores. Until the day we see what we've destroyed and my warning has been heeded, By flames we'll burn and waters we'll drown until all of mankind has been defeated.
Copyright © 2020 Brendan J. Simons. All Rights Reserved