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The never ending witching hour or which-thing our.. choices will delude in decisions way... Either way, with all of the hocus poke-us and... Smoke from broken mirrors... it's hard to out-cast the true reflection of these, Magicians who majestically captivate eyes, when the I's have it While nays... Nays are only sounds of the quivering voices of those in Illusion-Ally... Transformed into Scape-Goats by those who use wize-ards riding on Magical-Eagles shoulders to play tricks on minds by casting Elector-ic litics on po-folk to be-guild into buying store-ease... Taxing quotes to derive de-billed, irr-itating notions of declining tender-stakes... while Washing-tons of DC currencies through outlets that never generate enough vibes to change one cities Watts I question in caution That this tran-sick state, I am not befall-ed First the call... Mirror, mirror on the wall, of the 45th Evil's, whose the lesser of them all... who will seal hour curtains call, Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. The answer... It is I, the Mirror on the wall... Wise question, and as I do mean to answer, I have to ask... Would you like to opt in for a political lesson Mirror, Mirror on the wall, please cut the chase I have plenty to do and no time to waste The wize-ards are coming; they're hard on my case My questions need answers so why do you stall I am the Mirror on the wall, here to heed your every call It's a simple equation and had I answered in haste... I would not have been able to enjoy the look on your face But as you wish, I'll cut the chase So prepare for this answer I answer with taste When it seemed as though Poli-trix were in goodness sake, It was only in it's Global wake It's been the plan right from the start... at the final moment, to choose this card to keep the Wise-ards in power, in charge The Wise-ards used simple card game rules to confuse this election to keep you all looking in another direction Here are the easy instructions given in four sections Being carful of the cards you will keep to win 1. Choose your cards 2. The rest you dump 3. Play your best hand until you stump 4. If it looks as though you're about to lose, you break the suit and play your, _ _ _ _ _ ... (Five letter word that rhymes with stump) The answer to your questions are simple, there is no "Lesser Evil," in Poli-trix... And as to who will seal your curtains calls... It has been written that through time, many would try, many would stand, but all will fall It is a definite means to an end and "All," must be fulfilled So the answer to this riddle is... Not one, but all
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