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John 3: 16 ReWrite
If John 3:16 is read as, For God so loved Earth that S/he gave up Her only begotten-beloved Child, so all future regenerating generations might have eternal timeless love lives. it doesn't feel quite right. It doesn't even sound rational, nor consistently benign, and echoes with justification for wars and death and loss and suffering, all beginning to smell like unfettered senseless abortions of Earth's regenerative full potential. Why does changing to a more matriarchal gender have this more inclusive effect on how we see economies of cooperative redemption? relentlessly consistent with political empowerment that does not include degenerative disempowering Win later by Lose now short-term dis-investment strategies. Why is it OK for fathers to give up their sons for redemptively justified wars as if we were just paying a surtax but if mothers give up their children for longer-term redemptive investment purposes some of us call it unjustified abortion of matriarchal WinWin moral-ethical responsibilities? Why is it not OK for Goddess the Mother to sacrifice the health of a beloved child today on behalf of a wealthier life for self and others tomorrow but maybe it is justified for God the Father to economically and politically invest in suffering and crucifying loss today to redeem our more regenerative future? The science of neuro-anatomy appears to also be the still evolving history of Elder Survivalist BrainStem giving WinLose, yet still beloved, birth to our WinWin bicameral-stereo appositional cerebral cortex. Within this sacred regenerative internal ecology, John 3:16 might be historically mapped as, For Elder WinLose BrainStem, so loved by and for and with and of Earth's DNA/RNA energetic his/herstory, that S/he gave birth to WinWin dipolar co-arising CerebralCortex to co-mentor only both WinHealth Today AND Win ReGenerative Tomorrow's co-optimizing wealth of cooperative optimizing opportunity. A problem for fascist and communist and any WinLose totalitarianism is that, Win or Lose, eventually even the most Central Committee or Cabinet or Cortex either paranoid blows up in warring territorial flames of ego-centric elitist nationalism or dies from within through corrupt hoarding too entitled much too long, trying to fool all the people, including each other, all the time about why we are willing to invest other's sons and daughters in our ecopolitical WinLose skirmishes of terrifying violence. Nationalistic short-term navel-gazing grows elitist in the Core, and cancerous cells and organs and parties of WinLose ecopolitical self-empowerment, without long-term Other nurturance. Reptilian WinLose survivalist BrainStem preys and extracts prays and re-invests through competitions of short-term thinking in response to self-predicated crisis, while WinWin cerebral cortex soars global opportunity through long-term multiculturally regenerative design and planning and yet also slugs on through further Business as Competitively WinLose Usual, through OldBrain Systemic monitoring defense against unnecessary risk of loss and suffering within this eternal-felt co-empathic now of trust and synaptic felt antipathic distrust of pathological threats, especially to Her/His beloved begotten children. Each humane god/dess so beloving Earth that we are willing to give up freedom of regenerative reflective-reflexive internal privacy rights today to co-mentor this co-redemptive ecopolitical society of tomorrow's WinWin health-wealth, regenerating further promise of bilateral Cerebral Cortexes of co-empathic BrainStem trust.
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