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Answers Without Questions
Why do answers end with answers while questions seem to begin with yet more questions? As a case in point... How are the Case Studies of economic and political history different than Einstein's Thought Experiments? Wait a minute... Yes, well that's not really a difference, I think. Thought Experiments and Case Study expositions both begin with waiting a minute to notice cause-effect narrative, to decompose relationships between systemically dynamic parts. Imagining in reverse time, from now as cause back toward effects leading up to this current cause, this current noticing, this sometimes chaotic and unsettling waiting a minute to notice what I am struggling with. Why does this Case of dynamic thought exposition feel like my important, yet complex, hopefully even richly resonant, question to ask within all the vast universe of questions I could be investing in right now with you, instead? That's more or less, probably more, what I was trying to point out before you interrupted me. Isn't our dialogical rule also our Golden Rule? We see richer, more fertile and optimal, outcomes, responses to our internal Thought Experiment questions, including our familial Dysfunctional Case Studies, and our ecopolitical Conserve v Progress Democratic Health and Safety Case Studies, when we begin by asking how our appositionals are somehow the same. OK, fine. I think we just agreed they both begin with noticing nutritional elements and decomposing reverse effect back through potentially complex causal networks of cooperative opportunity. Yes, but Einstein's Thought Experiments were metaphysical, mathematics and unnatural science, while Case Studies are more like watching Physical SpaceTime Reality Shows, and Economic and Political Disaster LoseLose Devolutionary Games. How did I know that you would respond to your own question, about how ecological thought systems are the same, with how they are different? Sorry, honey, seems to be an inductive RightBrain neglect of mine. But, do you agree or disagree, or both, somehow, that Einstein's Experiments were about metaphysical spacetime operations while Historical Case Study Operas are about saying and singing and dancing actual physical and natural, maybe even spiritual.. Wait, no, that would be over in the Metaphysics Department. Yeah, probably better to stick to the natural realities of Earth spawning ecological systems and cooperative thought networks. Another difference Einstein hoped his Thought Experiments would lead to True, and therefore not also False, Either/Or mathematical statements about time and energy and the speed of light's travel across and through evolving and revolving appositional space. But, when you write your Dysfunctional Extended Family Case Studies, you couldn't realistically hope your appositional Elite/NonElite narrative would lead to regeneratively True, and therefore not degeneratively False, ecological systemic statements about LeftEgo's Dominating sense of time as both positive and unfortunately too often negative-degenerating energy and (0)-sum speed of BiLateral EnLightenment travel across and through evolving and revolving regenerative health and safety space stories. Really! Whyever not? Because that would be confusing a LeftBrain Either-Or metaphysical thought experiment with its appositional NotThisEgoForm-NotThatEcoSystemic temporal-neural cooperative-nurturingflow function, with Both/And RightBrain's (0)-Source WinWin Integral-ReGenerative Embryonic DNA/RNA-Source Hypothesis. If you say so, but it all sounds LeftElite complex and merely RightNonElite chaotic, (0)-sum equivalent notnot echoing payback, but still Business As DysFunctional WinLose to me. Sorry love. Don't shut down. Just doing my LeftBrain Either/Or job. Either Win deductive truth Or Lose inductive notnot appositional-integrity flow. Why is it that your EgoWin perspective always gets the shorter definition, while you stumble all over my WinWin NotNot way to come up with some longer way of noticing my nutritionally elegant nurturing Elder-ecological health and safety lovely bilateral ways? It's the convex spatial Yang in EgoMe. But, you know how I'm only at my EgoRegenerative best when totally immersed in your BothAnd WinWin bilaterally concave YinYin lovely Feeling Experience acting out ecosystemic TruthFunctional Case Studies for BiCameral PolyPathic Love Stories. Well, when you put it that way you come across as less of a WinLose dominating ass, degenerative hack writer of LeftBrain survival of the fittest; more regenerative BothAnd RightBrain balancing thrival of our +100%Space = (-,-) Empty-Zero fit-in-ingest integrity. You're doing it again. That thing where you are LeftBrain explicating while I remain RightBrain bilaterally inductive feeling-integral implicated to somehow not really quite deductively exist outside of timeless now. Sorry, babe, but what else can I bicamerally do? How about if I deductively meet you half way? Both oppositionally different and appositionally evolving toward integrative inductive co-relational confluence narratives? Now that could produce some Tipping Point conserveRight-progressLeft climate ecstatic fireworks! You're just teasing me, aren't you? This has all just been foreplay for inductive you, to get me all WinWin bicamerally polypathic hot. I feel so used. Don't pretend your co-investment in our regenerative health and progressing future through EarthTribe babies doesn't like it. Could you talk a little dirtier, and leave out the kids part? You mean Earthier, deductive-inductive nurturing co-relational climaxes of nutrition, followed not by post-revolutionary Elite/NonElite bickering, but thriving future regenerations of optimally fertile healthywealth. Ummm. That sounds like you're ready to stop noticing and start our healthy orthopraxis? Baby, you're the Thought Experiment writer; I've always been your LoveCase Study of and for and through and by SpaceTime's co-arising nonduality.
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