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rEmAiN sAnE
Do you recognize me anymore? Do you realize that my heart is sore? Let me memorize your heart’s melody Let me see right through your…melancholy… Do you ever wave goodbye to yesterday? Can’t bear the thought of you leaving me today You were gone with the flow in the wink of an eye Let me sink this all in for a couple of years as they go by Do you even care to know my deepest secrets? Don’t you ever have guilty pleasures that end in regrets? I’m sorry that I abandoned the time we had together I deserted you and I didn’t mean to, you know that I’ll be better… I’ll do better for you, my novel of genuine elegance, yet so filled with acrimony… If it makes you change your mind about me If it makes you accept the person inside me If…only you’d understand where I’m coming from If…only you’d be with me when I’m feeling numb I don’t want to remain a bookmark to your book on the shelf I don’t want to realize that I’m, yet again, losing myself I don’t want this infatuation towards unpleasant agitation I want to be sane like I used to be long ago…missing that childhood sensation Do you recognize me anymore? Do you realize that my heart is sore? Let me memorize your heart’s melody Let me see right through your…past and everything… Caress the person that is dying to be alive in your next dream… Confess to me your thoughts that make you wholeheartedly beam Oh, I want unconditional affection in the most pure way possible Oh, I need someone to just kiss away my depression and its rubble Just don’t say anything that will affect me terribly in the slightest I know it’s hard, but try to win life’s rather marvelous test Don’t let go of what’s left of us and please acknowledge my presence I might be so vague when I speak…or so awkward – or even both, who knows – I might not even make any sense I have felt tense around you and I’d like to apologize honestly… I detest not being able to completely talk my mind with you so easily But…I won’t drop my guard in any way Yet, something about you makes me wanna stay You emit a mixture of good and bad energy and that is my honesty to you So…don’t act so modest and tell me the truth if you have any clue I’m like a spider, weaving a web of lovely woe and inner glow It’s quite spectacular how I truly view you in its slight clarity My emotions are like a grasshopper, hopping happily and hopelessly, you know… It’s a miracle that I’m still alive physically, but dead in normality… If it makes you better, I hand you my sorrow and my pain and my happiness and my joy Or it doesn’t matter in your eyes of egotistical nonsense…they still glimmer like a brand new kid’s toy I really don’t wanna get into too much detail about the encounters I’ve had with confusion of all kinds If you don’t mind me explaining briefly – my unreliable, fickle mind are like the opening and closing of apartment blinds And I can’t control it sometimes… I have been blind one too many times… Do you recognize me anymore? Do you realize that my heart is sore? Let me memorize your heart’s melody Let me see right through your… Sly motives and the desire within – Well, you can give or take…or ignore… You are a sweet loss and a win You drive the lane of insanity You and I can’t face reality So, we lean on mere fantasy The truth will see to it We have fallen in this pit Of self-pity and lack of wit Just admit it – it’s not as bad as it appears to be Fine…I haven’t always dismissed the doubts that lead to voracity The change in your attitude and actions are naughty Being poor in negativity and rich in positivity will make us feel more than alright Who are you? The person I used to know with my might? Who am I? The guy that can’t sleep at night? Don’t you glance over the mistakes I did I wish you well with the byes you bid I’m like a jar without a lid Yeah, so useless and all I’m just a lonely hall Missed your call… Oh well… Only God will tell… What’s in store for you and me? Just…just be still and we’ll be free Waiting for sunshine on the other side of the somewhat riveting road… Why do we need to separate so quickly this time? I wonder why as I unload my heart’s load I turned the wrong turn and I can’t go back now… I don’t know why you watch me like a show… It’s as if my facial expressions say it all… Wordless in this silence that stands tall… I will mop up this mental mess I made in a moment As soon as you make a change this instant… And I too…and I too… I don’t mean to ride the rivers of my rue… Oddly enough, I’m still sick with the love flu… And you too…and you too… Take me to a place where I won’t step on the glass of the past Wake me up from this…well…precious tragedy that won’t last Find me, lingering in the shadows and reflections of the mirror before you There, you will see my face and the tears along with it too… There are things that I thought you have knew Do you recognize me anymore? Do you ever wave goodbye to yesterday? Do you even care to know my deepest secrets? I don’t want to remain in the margins of your sheet of music… I thought I was the desire fire and you, the ever-dripping wick I don’t mean to stumble upon your comforting sympathy Evenly enough, I’m recovering from the virulent vice That took me away from you – I couldn’t even think thrice I need some advice, For your mind is a bunch of mice… Scurrying in my baffled brain of mine I wish we can work things out just fine
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