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Exegesis of Original Intent
The ugly head of the Original Intent issue co-arises with what were our ForeFather Patriarchal Patriots thinking and feeling to leave out prohibitions against antiChristian degeneracy, and to put in permissions for antiChristian degeneracy. No. Wait. That's not right. We could not have inherited EnlightenmentEra Democracy's Constitutional Law to intentionally include permissions for antiChristian degeneracy. What about slavery and addiction and sexual impurities and perversions and abortion and prostitution? Well, they weren't necessarily understood as antiChristian degeneracy at the time, although not necessarily proChristian regeneracy either. These were personal and family issues, primarily among the proletariat, preferably. NonElite domestics and small farmer-gardeners, hardy outdoors men, and their faithful wife-matriarchs of quiet integral embryonic Wisdom Councils over the back fence about what the crazy Old White Men of theirs were up to now with their post-revolutionary enlightenment full-of-their cooperatively invested ecopolitically regenerative-positive selves; making USA Beloved SacredCommunity babies. Here we stand once again in the Supreme Court of US History, to reconsider our Holy Constitutional Scripture's Original Intent. Once again we will not be surprised that Fundamentalist Conservatives will read the voice of the Strict Stern Patriarchal WinLose LeftBrain Dominant EgoIdentified Capitalist, while Radical Progressives read the Original voice of Lady Liberty and all her post-revolutionary unwashed proletariat multiculturing raggedy nonWhite poor refugees from alien threats to domestic health and safety are our Uniting States opportunity to integrate regenerative treats for both domestic and global health and safety. Original Intent view of Constitutional Law depends on whether you stop at the RedState LeftBrain competitively dominant lens, or move one step deeper into Blue/Red BiCameral NotNot RightBrain cooperating your bifocal health/wealth maturation. Those words, "Fundamentalist-Red" and "Radical-Blue"/Green Aqua UltraViolet Crystal-Fractal Octave (0) dipolar coarising echo-strings of history's matriarchal ecofeminist Original Intent Herstory/UnderStory of GaiaEarth nature-spirit nondualisms West/East Ego/Eco Left/Right DiPolar CoProductive Secular/SacredElder ReGenerativity Patriarchal Strength /Matriarchal Flow Yang/Yin Fire/Water Earth/Climate-EcoLandscape West/East Ego/Eco dominant/colonized-commodified... FundamentalistLeft Dominant and RadicalRight Repressed, are ecologically complex, dense with polypathic dipolar co-arising health-wealth integrity, and nutritious Original Intent Opportunity for Mutually Assured WinWin Thrival or WinLose Assured Destruction. Original Constitutional Ecological Intent of ReGenerative Health, USA, as cooperatively elsewhere, for mutual well-being, post-revolutionary constituted regenerative health-cooperative progress toward global-interdependent wealth safety, contentment. Radical PositivePositive WinWin-Only Yang-Matriarchal/Patriarchal EquiValence, where Yang is US ConservativeRed Patriotic Original Intent, with Yin's Progressing Blue/Green climate integrating, reweaving, decomposing of ecological gaps and fissions in-between Patriarchal EitherOr Original Intent, appositional space of silence and absence of therapeutic purpose within our Original not-quite-Holistic-Constitutional EcoPolitical Intent. How could it be more LeftBrain health and safety Original Intent to speak primarily to fellow WinWin cooperative Fundamentalist Conservative CoInvestors in Continental Fertility and Longevity and to Radical Libertarian Early EcoFeminist EarthEnlightenment nondualists, reweaving natural and spiritual ecologically healthy nurturing dynamics, suspiciously and strangely fascinated, in this PostRevolutionary Enlightenment Moment of Planning and Designing Constitutionally Democratic-Organic Law with and of and for new hybrid multiculturalism of SocialSecular-Moral Contract Faith in cooperativity of ego/ecopolitical, nature-ElderSacred, evolution over egocentric too-Yang overshoot not-sustainable continuing pre-revolutionary antipathic feelings of elitist-entitlement mistrust, but here-in Western WhiteMale Patriarchal Christians as gun-rights citizens, while all else were Originally Intended to cooperate with their Constitutional CoOperating Intent, without rights to vote or have guns, for that matter. Who wrote the U.S. Constitution and who wrote the Bible? When and why? Who was the author(s) primary enforce-and-regenerate audience, also with health and safety Original Intent, and not-so-much degenerative-pre-revolutionary colonized and owned and commodified and abused and neglected by aristocratic bourgeois royalist plutocratic WinLose LeftBrain Dominating Natural-Moral Law Original Intent. What is the Constitutional post-revolutionary problem and/or opportunity that multiculturally and bicamerally motivated this particular Humanely-Divinely Inspired Constitutional Scripture at this time of both Exodus from Plutocratic-Elitist-Supremacist-Patriarchal Rule and ReGenesis toward PostRevolutionary Enlightenment? Economic Cooperative Health as also Politically Enlightened Interdependent Wealth, hybrid historical-cultural Original Intent Frame of and for ReGenerative Constitutional Health/Wealth Intent. What is primal Original Intent purpose of any sustainable ecopolitical languaged and self-conscious memory system, Constitution? HumaneDeductive LanguagedLeft equivalent with DivineSacred Ecological-Yintegrity PolyPathic Trust/Distrust Right, ReGenerative/DeGenerative West = East(East) nondual double-bind notnot BiLateral BeLoved Vertical/Horizontal wave-linear spiraling octaves of full-chromatic ergodic fertile healthy deep matriarchal EcoBiLateral WellBecoming.
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