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My ReProductive Rights Attorney
An attorney friend of mine once said, We have two opposing views of the hows and whys of law and time and natural evolution, including natural law, and including U.S. Constitutional Law. One assumes both natural and spiritual nondual legal obligations to invite and respond to the friends of our allies as our potentially cooperative friends, unless proven to be too contrary, competitive WinLose. This is the type of lawyer, and parent, and friend, and fellow-resident of Earth, neighbor, democratically multicultural-is-positive voter, I intend to become with every breath both Yang-out deductive of Yin-inductive-concave, with every heartbeat both Yang-flow out toward diastatic climax and Yin reverse toward aptic-static to begin again, with every day and nightmare, with ever week and month and year of this, our Positive PolyPathic Ground and Air and Fire and Water of Becoming CoRevolutionaries of Moral Secular/Sacred ReGenerative EgoHealth/EcoWealth Yang/Yin EcoPolitical Integrity nondual co-arising... Then there are my more amusing, and sometimes terrifyingly unwell, BusinessAsUsual WinLose LeftBrain Dominant types of lawyers and parents and voters, The enemy of my friends is probably also my competing ecopolitical enemy, therefore I shall play Mutually Assured LoseLose Condemning Belittling Bullying Destruction, perhaps by aiming first at Islamic NationStates owning oil and civil and climate unrest. We shall assume WinLose normative legal ethics and yet also RightBrain remembers this assumption's ecological conclusion is most nihilistically, merely secularly, reductively, merely naturally, to Lose sacred dignity of both life and death, to become a merely entropic dissonant future absence of health and safety regeneration. Despite this understory of irritating belief-faith dissonance, I choose LoseLose Mutual Destruction perhaps because no one sufficiently mentored what it could promise to continue cooperatively within our larger WinWin Earth HealthAsWealth Herstoric Narrative about how to act and speak and design and plan and game for mutually cooperativizing integrating multiculturing regenerative-optimizing reproductive/decomposing moral-normative PatriarchalYang EcoLogically Deductive Diastatically Rational enlightenment inspired U.S. Constitutional (0)Riginal Ego/EcoBalancing EcoPolitical ReGenerative Yang/DeGenerative YinSquared Inductive (0)-OverSoul, neural-fractal flowtrend correlational-appositional co-arising, Earth-ReGenerative HealthWealth, natural and spiritual and legal and moral and normative and biological and ecological and ecosystemic and imperatively Taoist SpaceTime EarthRights-and-Wrongs Intent. My Legal Counselor said, Mother Earth is my healthiest and most nutritiously balanced most functionally organic-cooperative LegalAid EcoFeminist Doctor of Natural/Moral Constitutional ReGenerative Law and Executive Orders, about friends of friends as friends WinWin assumptions, he himself both naturally and spiritually emerged from, and of, and for, and with, and toward. I so wish he had run for CoOperative President of Mutually ReAssuring ReGenerative Health and ReProducing WinWin Safety, committed to enforcing a Constitutional Law most nutritiously and organically rooted in WinWin-only choice-making, assuming friends of friends are friends, rather than more of the same old I'm Not Listening! because I can't stop talking about my FearMongering ParanoidEgo SelfIdentity, so I'm issuing this memo from ME: CEO of These United WinLose Corporations TO: All bicamerally functional WinWin Civil Servants, constitutionally self-identifying your LeftEgo/RightEco consciousness for optimizing health and safety cooperative investment futures: Always assume the enemies of all our allies, (and I might be SuperPatriotically sure that our 'Allies' probably are quickly becoming a set of None, Zero,... I'm feeling really conflicted about WinLose economics v politics within our NATO strategy-- more logical to go WinLose separatist-fascist)... As I was LeftBrain saying, Always assume WinLose strategic competition is best for health and safety outcomes, rather than continuing with the Constitutional Evolutionary Historical Evidence supporting a more organic Network of InterDependent CoOperation toward One HealthySacred Body of ReGenerativity, and away from DeGenerate Supremacies of State WinLose Disempowerment of Liberty for All. I suspect those more WinLeft BothAnding WinRight optimized toward Ego/Eco Balancing patriotic civil service, not uncivil disservice, will have constitutional issues with how such WinLose Assumptions of Mutual Destruction resonates with US Constitutions of Original WinWin EcoPolitical CoOperative Intent, that friends of friends are also WinWin assuming and inviting friends in NonDualist Enlightenment, both West and East Philosophical about ThermoDynamics of EcoPolitical YangConserving/YinProgressing Nurturing-Integrity of Health and Safety Global thru Universal Intent. May BioSystemic-ReGenerative EarthHearts forgive my friend, the WinWin EcoTherapeutic Attorney and Parent and Voter as Breather and BiCameral Heart-Beater, for not having spoken as resonantly as he positive-health polypathically practiced resolved regenerated reproduced these thoughts with feelings of co-empathic well-being. Are we here to help each other toward more cooperatively healthy-regenerative lives? Or do we still WinLose compete to persuade each other of why we cannot all WinWin together, which is why we originally came to each other to figure out how to do. Will you only tell me why I EitherOr can't; or also add why we BothAnd could regenerate Earth's Constitutional Beloved Community future?
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