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Custody of 2020 Eyes
Monks and nuns, ascetics and miscellaneous humble proletariat folks, were taught custody of the eyes, to show respect for those older and/or wiser and/or more supremely royal, and/or in other positions of merited or inherited authority, to avoid appearing too curious too available too interested, to avoid temptations of lust and envy and gossip, to avoid that part of our reality show that was only meant for the real adults in our extended family rooms and screens, creeping across hedge and boundary and custody-paradigm issues of who is worthy to be in and who not-so-much. African-American sons and daughters of enslavement, were taught custody of the eyes and ears, and nose, and hands, and mouth, and mind, because what may be nutritious for WesternWhite Entitlement folks is what is inappropriately dangerous for nonWhite dependent nonfolks. Custody of the senses, including the eyes, is a form of risk management and precisely what healthy, curious polytrusting people would never ever choose to do, to enrich not only our own courageous multiculturing eyes, but also to do our part to facilitate therapeutic opening of our EarthTribe extended families' ecologically deep-nutritious, bicameral nurturing climate eyes. Custody of the eyes, risk-management, anger-management, fear and terror management, do not invite curiosities of appositional compassion, invitations, attempted creolizations, mutual gratitude for still emerging sacred-cooperative humanity, natural/spiritual nondual dignity, integration of our potential for more regenerative, self/other acclimating, Earth-Secular/Sacred multicultural health integrity. George Lakoff reminds us that "Most people's first [custodial] experience with governance [of the eyes and all that eco-bio system that lies bicamerally behind] is in their family." [Here I would pause to extend this family's self-governing timeline, back to embryonic beginnings, Pre-Left-Dominant language development, to suggest this is where our within-matriarchal family governance experience first began, then out, from there, into identifying a LeftBrain dominant individuated EgoIdentity, bicamerally restructuring confluent/dissonant polarities, but also stepping back through time, Now, suddenly realizing this bicameral-nurturing Ego's freedom of eye and mind and ears for those who can yet hear Earth's ecological vocation toward inclusive multicultural health, echoes RightBrain Elder memory, DNA encrypted, co-mentoring nature-spirits of and for root systemic intelligence, Regenerative health commonly-held conserve-progress senses never working with full consciousness while confined to custody of this EgoIdentity's marginalized, repressed, suppressed eyes.] "Your parents govern you: they tell you what to do, what's good for you and bad for you, and what's good for the family;" and, if you are of great glad good health fortune, how to deep nurturingly learn to love self/other cooperatively, and why we take care of our health best together, WinWin regeneratively, Rather than RightWing ego-centric competitively, leaning toward fearsome sociopathology, expecting lesser paranoid beings to practice custody of the eyes and to respect YangHubris right to enforce condemning violence against less enlightened minds and too-liberal bodies. "In a family, the means of making sure they [custodial self-governance norms] are carried out are, positively, by expressing affection" [and curiosity of mind about differences, diversity, multiculturality, plurality, branches of the family further removed back in time, and perhaps currently enslaved and commodified by competitive RightWing aggression in some oppressively custodial way, ready to revolt from long-practiced domestication of anthro-centric eyes blind to our healthier nondual relationships, not denying most of Earth's enspirited sacred ecosystemic wilderness natures], "Social pressure [toward cooperatively inclusive integrity, and not so much toward competitive monoculturing egocentricity], fulfilling desires [especially those emerging from, and cooperatively progressing toward, conservation of eco-health responsibility; healthier climates] or instilling pride [especially about mutually expansive gratitude for freedom from custody of AnimaMundi eyes]; and, negatively, by withdrawing affection, social isolation [such as custody of the eyes], denying desires, instilling domesticating guilt or shame, or physical [condemning powering-over aggression of mindbody ownership, proprietorship, Yang-hubris] force." "The [EcoPolitical Earth] the Family" extended to multiculturally include all of Earth's Organic EcoSystemic Tribes "The Governing a [BiCameral] Parent" including too-often suppressed nurturing, integrative, co-redemptive empowerment mentors "Those Governed...are Family Members" co-respected, mutually respectful, responsible, polypathically authoritative, practicing custody of the polyphonic senses to notice ecological therapeutic frames, climate health potentials regenerative co-domestic, rather than degenerative-dominating landscapes, Internal natures as externally shared-EarthSoul enlightening custody progressing Traditional-Orthodox conservancy of short- through long-term extended family health and DNA/RNA Solidarity through cooperative safety. Bodhisattva Tao-Balance ReStorers, CoMessianic AtWo/Man EarthSouls, EcoPolitical Polypathic Matriarch/Patriarchs of ReGenerative Health No longer cowed and commodified and controlled by custody of the YHWH-narrow-way wu-wei co-operating eyes, free to look out and bicamerally recreate our renewing Ego/Eco-Reality WinWin Game Show. Freedom from custody is also bicameral freedom to customize, to acclimate to our shared sacred-secular primal creolizing ecology of mutually cooperative health and domestic safety, empathic trust, Attendance with all nurturing sensory communicators, living within ecopolitical healthy communities.
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