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Balancing Work and Play
I was reading Rev. Julian Clifford Jaynes' homily, delivered May of 1919 to the First Unitarian Society in West Newton, Massachusetts, commenting on the 100 years since Channing's Baltimore Sermon. Rev. Jaynes had a son, a second generation Julian Jaynes, who was a rather well published Princeton psychologist with an evolutionary theory of bicameral LeftBrain intelligence emerging from older RightBrain synapticYang/apticYintegral consciousness. Earlier in the morning I had been reading this younger secular humanist Julian Jaynes, who was also a bicameral mental-health development John the Baptist to what later became Positive Psychology, prior to reading Reverend Jaynes' 100 year perspective on Channing's Unitarian slap down of a vengeful Calvinist God, condemning the grievous sins of mere mortal humans. Mortal humans who are also bicameral human consciousness, as teleologically and ecologically and phylogenically understood by the younger Julian Jaynes, only son of a Unitarian Rev, whose father died a few years after Psychologist Jaynes was born, and after delivering his historical summary of Unitarian bicameral evolution toward Universalist-LeftBrain and Unitarian-RightBrain nature-spirits nondual co-arising between 1819 and 1919. I developed a distracting habit of writing in additional words that the younger Jaynes might have added to describe a dynamic nondual natural-spiritual balancing act between Universalist Yang EgoConservatives of Traditional health values and Unitarian Yintegrity of Earth-Regenerating nutrition. As I began to see through the eyes of Rev. Jaynes reading his son's theory of bicameral egoLeft-Yang and ecoRight-SacredYin evolution of balancing nondual co-arising consciousness, Universal ebbing waves of triumphal unchanging YangTruth Tradition prepared to surge back toward narrow-midway Unitarian flow of LeftEgo with RightEco climate balance for abundantly regenerative love, health, happiness, economic and political balance of YangLeft EgoCentering Universal Co-Empowerment nondual co-arising promise with YinRight EcoCentering Flow of Both-And Universalists with Unitarians, which did not become religiously updated from the Prime (0) Relational Principle of Taoism, until a few years before Psychologist Jaynes published his treatise on Positive pylogenic development of Left-Right Ego-secular/Eco-sacred bicameral evolution. This is how I added the younger Jaynes to Reverend Jaynes speaking about the 100 year influence of Reverend Channing: "...What terrible things did Channing say? He declared the supremacy of the human [ego/eco-logical healthy and wealthy trusting] reason. He put Holy Scripture under the searchlight of rational [LeftUniversal-RightUnitarian] interpretation. He defended the [balancing] character of God from the old imputations of cruelty, injustice, and the wrath of an irresponsible [LeftBrain EgoDominant] despot. He broke up the mystery of the Trinity, and behold, the [Universal] Fatherhood of one supreme [Yintegral Unitarian] oversoul, the pleading personality of Jesus as our human [ego/eco bodhisattva] brother and prophet, and the Holy Spirit as the diffusive [regenerative nutritional yin] power of divine [healthy] goodness and love." "Then followed what he called 'the one sublime idea,'-- the inherent [LeftYangEgo-RightYinEco] dignity [and integrity] of human nature and the saving power of personal [ego-conservational universe = climate health progressive eco-unitive] character, irrespective of any artificial [supremacist Yang] mediation of a universal [and unitarian, WinLeft-WinRight mutual] atonement [economy]." "That is all! How mild and familiar it sounds this morning! How the sweet [therapeutic] reasonableness of those [co-absorbing LeftUniversal-RightUnitarian] affirmations condemn the [too Yangish LeftBrain Dominant historic] character of the theology that denounced them as the [secular humanist, relativistic, rather than primal nature-spirit nondual co-relational] charter of hell." "From hilltops to hilltops their [ego/eco-conscious] echoes flew--until in brief time, one hundred and twenty-five orthodox steeples rocked with their joyous clamor of [unitarian-yin] acceptance and [universal-yang] approval. New England was aflame." "...[F]or what? For [ecologically rational] intellectual liberty, for breaking the bonds of burdensome [static, dead] tradition, for spiritual [YangLeft-deductive and YinRight-inductive] serenity in the presence of every new [bilaterally appositional health/pathology] truth, for daily [regenerative/degenerative] visions of fresh [healthy ego/ecological] horizons opening out into a morally sound and beneficent [Unitarian-integral climate of health-flow] universe." "We have seen one other thing--are seeing it now. It is a [regenerative] revival among ourselves. It is the awakened sense of [polypathic multicultural] responsibility to the [healthy balancing natureLeft-spiritRight] faith we profess. It is the disappearance of our former complacency [about mutual antipathy], our cozy isolation, our let-alone policy. Growing in their place is the strong [Yang-UniversalEgo] desire to make our churches, not merely bomb-proof resorts of safety for Unitarian [Universalist] saints, but live [inviting co-arising] centers of [exterior-Universe/interior-Unitarian climate health] action, with risks and hazards and challenges of [eco-centric] danger and [ego-centric] sacrifice,-- centers where strong, earnest men [and women and everyone in-between] love to serve, because it is a man's job [a humaneEgo-divineEco bicameral vocation], centers whence [Yang Universalist] definite, aggressive, effective influences shall go [grow] over the top, to plant the [polypathic bicameral] standards of [health-wealth balancing] liberal religion and to do clean-cut, businesslike [organic nurturing nutritional] work [and play].
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