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Understanding myself, and towards developing introvertedly The parameters of today, yet most lay dormant inside of me Questioning the how, as in such, the extended inner faculty Fractured as then, it's an opposing end, and loosing my identity All oppositions are viewed, and the educators of our society Words of old, grown as told, revised, as such, repeatedly Inertially we become, a society conformed to one, Rendering it's loss, within our self Individuality In laymen terms, listen to this The quotation based, upon our society's wish First you gotta make the money Then you can get the power. When you Get the power, then, you get the respect When you Get the respect... then, you get the woman... Ever wonder why it's all such? Desiring material wealth as much And finally it's all for what? The Desired woman's touch? Hmmm... Take a moment, and lend an ear For I got my own, it's the quote I share First, you admit that you don't know Then you go, and achieve your knowledge Got the knowledge? now you can get the power Got the power? well then, you can take the universe And now, You've Got the universe... Well then, you're A friggin god... And As for Women? well? Women worship the Gods! When tackling any issue, you've gotta start at it's root within its Right And even before this, a basis of our own viewed measurable sight Not loosing ourselves, held confined, outside it's contented light Knowing simply where, founded, within our roots embedded rights Upon the foundation that's embodying our root Here lies all thoughts, weaved within, the fabric of our truth What is this, within ourselves, and what is the reality within our wish? Truth... it's a singularity, it's a union of the all and the oneness, Truth... it's universally simplistic, and it would always exist... The everything, the all, and it's consistency of nothing, as it is this... The oxymoron as it represents, it's eventuality as would relinquish Truth lies within our knowledge, yet it's a call that we constantly miss Knowledge is awareness, sadness, sorrow and also in the subtle bliss Knowledge is found in love, in friendships, and even in a simple kiss Gaining knowledge, is first admitting that, we don't know any of this Then we truly grow and harmonize, within our lives, and its meandering twists For in the darkest of nights, the wise men, they turn towards the stars in sight The recognition of ones self, our inner star, the introverted truth, of who we are Awareness of our individualism Understanding within yourself and it's prism Awareness of outside environment and it what we do Knowing what is around, and how it can affect others, as well as affecting you All in achieving our desires, an accomplishment of a single wish... The Fulfillment, our soul and all the things like this The first step is gaining knowledge And so we would grow So, as In the quotation of, GI Joe: ...And now you know... But Knowing, it's only half the battle... The soldier's motto? If I recalled correctly, I'm sure it is, admittedly so... Hmmm... Words of wisdom, oddly, within depths would say Reaching out, introvertly, and towards your way Introversion within, and also against the Outer As for all the questions, within a single answer Understanding truth and their questions after Knowledge would help us to grow and avoid disaster In the darkess corner, and within our chatter The smallest of light would always render The guides of our life path, the now and the after For All that is... it's within all that was... As for all that was... it's within, all that is... The simplicity of life, the religion of love, and how do we truly give... The Altruism held within our heart, altruistically, the all, required, To truly live... To understand, to grasp, to know, as within the quote would show The Voice, mind, the eye, and the ear And within all that we know, and share These are what lights the lamps of life, love, and care As a union and the foundation, and of all together, within the now, and here The power within life and equally within the opposed The redundant repetition of that supposed As The Oxymoron, in it's equanimity and thus exposed... Life is the power that burns and is the sun that gives light Life is the rain and the thunder in the sky, the wind and our strength and sight What is matter, and the earth, what is death, and what is birth what beyond , it is an eternity, And all the lifetimes lived, upon this earth, after death and birth, fulfilling our destiny.... S F B Introspectively
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