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Enlightening Systems
"Overcoming misleading [economic and political] metaphors that are physically [naturally, ecosystemically, phylogenically] in [and of] your [ecological-organic embodied] brain is never easy." George Lakoff, The Political Mind, p. 47 Unless, as Bucky Fulller so synergetically and consiliently, Yang-confidently and Yin-confluently, suggests, unless you provide a new and healthier cooperative analogical system. EcoPolitical red conservative fundamentalist Orthodox exegetes of Tradition-never-changes speaking through EcoLogical ultra-violet PostModern radical embryonic Mother's EarthTribal restorative reverence for ever greater and even small therapeutic transitions toward ecological ecopolitical healthy wealth. Finding reuncovering remembering religioning our ultra-violet ecopolitical model of matriarchal embryonic diastatic revolutions as routinely continuous therapeutic prayer. Noticing full health of resonant octaves echoing reiterative wonder, confluence, contentment regaining nature-spirit nondual spectrals, animating color frame climates, defining divineYang-humaneYin double-boundary margins co-investing co-arising healthy-wealthy ecopolitical ultra-violet embodied outcomes. Reverence is our humane response to LeftBrain surprise rediscovering conservationist red-love for blue organic-integral green living ultra violetly. Rainbow octaves of restoring nondual intent, all we offer to burn on Patriarchal God's alter of Promise, modeling ecopolitical cooperative returns for double-fractal octaves of wise mystery through which we utra-violetly live our species' Common timeless Matriotic Paradise Dream. Routine and ritual and religion lead into and out of exegetical swamps. Simple eisegetical resolutions are only those cooperatively in-between notnot pathological, too red-too blue co-arising ultra-violet purple-yellow fusion conserving multiculturing polypathic progressive revolutionary evolutions of routine struggle with co-arising nonduality, egoLeftRed Dominance revisiting ecoRightBlue EcoPolitical-Integral Depressions, DisInvestments, DeCompositions. Earth is no longer red monocultural YangEgo Dominant, vertical-only cosmic therapies. Our PostConservationist ecological direction remains both Patriot-Vertical and Matriot-BiLateral Integrity; thermodynamic balance of routine deep-religioning ritual, Sabbath days and recreational Winter Moon Enlightening nights. Our healthwealth Ta(0) Way is always Yang-vertical Red eco-passionate with Yin bicameral ultra-violet EcoPolitical Wisdom, co-spiraling nature-spirit co-messianic actors and speakers and therapeutic listeners, digesters and producers of positive health as at least notnot negative pathology we conservationally climb red verticals to progressively fall across ultra-violet collaterals, spiraling ecological octave frequencies, co-incidental dialectals emerge polypathic struggle with SacredPatriarchal Orthodoxology, yet never struggling against Earth's Embryonic Matriarchal EcoSystems. Routine uphill struggle, RedYang/YinBlue CoEmbryonic Nurture equipoised right-now balancing co-gravity, routine multiculturing thermodynamic octaves fusing within ultra-violet noticing (-.-)0-squared fractal as C-squared spirit of light's 4D linear form as E-squared timeless dualdark nature-spirit notnot exforming double-fractal DNA-octaves 4D PostModern RealTime prime(0)relational health as also wealth (0)soul-sum-core function. Our multicultural idea of a chosen natural-ecological species does not imply teleological preference for a Yang-supremacist people rooted in separatist Traditions discriminating between and among multiculturally polypathic individuals, tribes, family branches within history's regenerative fertile Tree of DNA/RNA fractal-octave Solidarity. AnthroYang Ego is not superior, not chosen, but co-invited by Elder RightBrain symbiotic Goddess of Earth's restorative health-flow, graced karmic song and dream dance of nondual Yang/Yin Red/Blue co-therapy ultra-violet conserving-progress co-arising. UltraViolet (0)sum centers are not a healthwealth quality exclusive to ecologically languaged species; rather co-mentoring co-redeeming relationship between LeftBrain Dominant people and embryonic RightBrain Matriarchal EnSpirited Gaia-Earth. Wisdom's polypathic exegesis is Gaia-Earth's nutritional invitation of and for Patriarchal LeftBrain Man. Wisdom Literature, scripture of felt co-empathic experience, narrates PatriarchalGod of History's approach to incorporate His matriarchally nurtured regenerative-flow toward timelessly CoMessianic post-modern EcoPoliticians, a cooperative co-investment rooted within our ecopolitical cathedral of Earth-Matriarch, embryonic-diastatic Bodhisattva Gaia. We are YangRed Gods of Comprehension and YinBlue Goddesses of Wisdom together ultra-violetly nutritional sensing humanity's full octave multicultural climate health potential through our bicameral polypathic fractal-mirror lenses, full-octave DNA/RNA Solidarity, ecological processing timeless P = N(NP) YangRed/YinBlue-Green YinYin ultraviolet WinWin, Ego InterdependentRed Nature co-spiraling revolutions with Eco VirginalEmpty Blue Spirit, ultra-violet (0)soul routine, full-octave conservationist-progressive rituals dualdark BlackHole exformation binomials, WinWin prime relational eco-prayer assumption of regenerative health evinced, faith in hope octaves seen, nutritionally smelled and tasted, ingested and interdependently produced nature-spirit dynamic ritual; secularLeft ecological with sacredRight ecopolitical RedNature and BlueSpirit become ultra-violet WinWin EgoRed/EcoBlue climate health, inside as outside, spirit as nature, ego as eco-integral, as Earth below, so MoonLight Paradise co-arising above. Winter MoonLight of hibernation, winner of ultra-violet conservationist progress, Best Practice for modeling revolutionary polypathic co-enlightenment in-filling color.
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