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The Daily Show and Tell
Dear Toni, I saw you on The Daily Show the other day having your way with Trevor, or was it the other way around? Not sure. I'm also not sure where we first went wrong, but I'm sorry for once having thought you my dumb blonde beauty. Clearly this is not who you are as you continue to play our family's conservative version of Twinkle Twinkle Patriotic Star and Patriarchal Stripes, Flags and National Anthems. Slow as deep rich Honey, if you wrap yourself any tighter in our conservatively-speaking at-risk Patriotic Flag, I worry you might not breathe health both in and out for long-term regenerativity. I began hearing you as not just narcissistic and uncaring about the health and security of my Galveston grandkids, not to mention our whole extended family of white male and female children along coastal Texas over the next 100 years, but sometimes I think you still confuse healthy conservatism, which goes way back in our matriarchal nurturing days and ways, with what sounds more like nihilistic condemnation of any regeneratively humane future for economic and politically empowering ecological health, nondually co-arising like Grandmother Moon and Gaia Earth, who gave birth to matriarchally conservative nurturing me, and therefore also still organically conserving biosystemic you, my honey sweet smart girl. I wish you had spent less time defending your right to freely express your mind and feelings, which, indeed, brother Trevor was not contesting, so you could have spent more time sharing your mindfulness about our healthy and secure future, which continues to be at degenerative risk by further white male plutocratic domination, as if patriotically Christian and Enlightenment ForeFathers would have wished to see my grandkids moving from Galveston, toward Houston, our future frontier of new-coastal engulfing waters. Setting aside your distaste for all things Progressive-Futuristic, including the vastly dusty tomes of academically orthodox science and LeftBrain dominant deductive-only facts, and evidence of both ecologically regenerative and anti-ecosystemically degenerative futuristic fantasies about climate change as urgent climate pathology, even setting all this aside, please review our U.S. conservatively patriotic Right of Left Progressive-Liberal devil's advocate agenda. Somehow I think you lost the first chapter in my Matriarchal WoManual. Avoid inappropriate touch and speech at all times; but also embrace therapeutic touch and speech favoring, as positive, (possibly even RealTime Millennial Progressive) future regenerative times. Please avoid merely repeating past degenerative conservatism as if beautiful ecopolitical women were merely dumb blind blondes within our ecologically multiculturing marketplace. I appreciate that you do not see yourself as a victim of history, but more as a victorious Devil's Advocate, and I love it when you mention this despite U.S. women receiving enfranchisement rights even after Black male property owners in several Northern States. But, darling, how on Mother Earth do you think we received this right to vote for Donald Trump rather than the candidate who would otherwise become the first woman U.S. President? Do you think our patriarchal faithful Fathers climbed off our Mothers in bed and said, Oh, yes, you want it? Sure. Here, it's yours. How do you think your rant against marchers and protesters sometimes shouting Women's Lives Matter Too, your stark disapproval of those who physically demonstrate that they have not had your same benignly secure relationship with your rather too-dear U.S. Flag and Patriotic-Only-Need-Apply Anthems, as heard within post-millennial virtual realities of Devil's Conservative Advocate supremacy? How do you think your active disbelief in the economic and political necessity, or even historical effectiveness, of strident speaking and marching in public and private spaces and times would feel to your maternal Elders during the post Civil War era, who had no other cooperatively regenerative power? Perhaps not quite whiney enough? I am sorry to say, as I boundlessly love you, and always will, I am quite sure your conservative great great grandmother would be pissed as hell at this, her post-millennial offspring, playing at Daddy Trump Devil's Advocate; joining the continuing LeftBrain dominant paternalistic plutocratic team, when she so vigorously marched and protested for this opportunity for you to vote for our first woman U.S. President of a bicamerally Matriotic-Patriotic Right-Left balancing post-millennial RealTime U.S.A. Your Virtual UnReality Shows you learned well to help yourself stay away from inappropriate touch and speech of others you feel a reactionary need to overpower, but have yet to begin this deeper maternal ecotherapy to always and everywhere regeneratively touch and speak through Mother Earth's cooperatively sustaining climates and landscapes of health and safety as nutrients worthy of your positive nurturing (despite also known as post-millennial eco-politically progressive) for all EarthTribe's multicultural future regenerations. Don't date yourself so much as an anti-feminist blonde beauty overly glutted with the conservative diastatic age of General Eisenhower, as yummy as that was at the time. But, this is your time. Seize it. CoArise with your cooperative matriotic duties to speak wisdom to LeftBrain supremacist Trump Cards. With at least 7 healthy generations of love, GrandMother Moon ebbing my Yang sway to flow our Yintegral balancing day
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