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Conflicts And Farting Cows
Plastic is confronting This planet her with bio war. I have deduced earths health is threatened. Garbage makers who crave flatulent cows And demand that we should breed them, So, they can eat them Why should you be fed cows? That eat our grass and kill us, and our trees? Contaminating breezes Why should you crave cows with their emitting gasses? – And you with the big red cups and those white Styrofoam plates, you’re the worse of the Lot. You the garbage makers, earth disturber, I hate seeing you sitting by the sea with those deadly cups. Buoyancy of bobbing red and blue plastic cups bouncing on the waves. Killing our fish. I feel we need to take the power back. You beef eaters, are also killing us with your desirous cows. So,if we are at the breaking point,and need to Accidentally on purpose. “Do what we got do” to save Mother--Earth from a fate worse than death. “I am talkin' extinction” garbage makers who make use of the non-bio degradable garbage, causing globally warming, and dead oceans Earth disturbers, garbage makers, you with insatiable appetites for eating flatulent cows. You who have no intentions to change. Listen to this verse. So much confusion in the streets and Everywhere Fluoride in the water, Asbestos, paint with lead. They ask: "Are you sick in the head"? "Maybe" I said, "surprised I am not yet dead" Living with the madness and eating bad- Plastic rice and cabbage. Fake chicken, and tomatoes with dung from fishes. All kinds of strange ass dishes. But the Farting Cows you crave, is taking us to early graves. From their millions of burps comes a carbon emission, killing all the grass trees and other things living. I am not kidding ... This is the beginning of Armageddon. Few choices left at best, grow your own, if you can find true seeds. "Oh, my bad; Monsanto owns those" - The bases are covered the board is a stalemated. The soil and water are both contaminated. Anyway, I have told before; So, why am I talking... wasting ink, breathe, and air; It seems your body really don't care - As long as you can drink slop from big red cups and eat cow from Styrofoam plates, You'll scratch you butt, and yawn feeling like "Life is great"... but then you sit and wonder why there is so much confusion everywhere. I Have an Idea that would help us survive, let them keep those cows and make rawhide. Because if the demand is low they won’t keep breeding. So, let the Ranchers know your "Cows we won’t be eating" Then tell the litter makers, we only eat on paper, we will only drink from clay or glass cups. We won’t be demanding those convenient things your making That puts a choke hold on mother earth. Well there, Now I've told you for whatever it may be worth... There is more to the saga, so please “do some research”
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