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There once was a bum. He was the neighborhood drunk. He had a unkempt demeanor. His salt and pepper hair had not been washed in years.The clothes he wore were ragged. His shirt had giant holes in them. He looked twice his age. In his drunken state he cursed every- one that came his way.His smell was so horrible you might as well say he showered in whiskey.That didn't bother this young missionary who lived nearby.Every day she would bring the old bum food and clothing. She would offer him shelter as well. "Hi sir . How are you today?" "Why don't you just leave me alone. Can't you see I don't want to be bothered."he stated with a slur. "Sir I'm going to leave your food and your clothing right here". As she said those words she bent down and placed his things on the ground.This was their routine for well over a year.But on this in particular day the ole drunk appear- ed to be coherent. He was sober.As the young missionary approached him she said, "Hi Sir. How are you today?" "I'm fine ma'am. How are you?" "I'm well Sir. Are you hungry today?" I brought you some food and water and some clothes and shoes."He shook his head no. "Ma'am I don't want anything.How- ever I do appreciate it so. I'm going home today." His statement took her by surprise. "Sir I didn't even know you had a home." "Ma'am I do indeed have a home. I'm homeless by choice. I want you to know your kindness will not go unnoticed." She knew it wasn't right to judge but she thought to herself he has gone insane. " Miss I stopped believing in God a long time ago but your loving kind- ness showed me God today." "Okay Sir.I'm going to leave these things and I will see you later.How- ever the next day the old bum was not in his usual spot. And sad- ness overwhelmed her spirit. That old bum had become a big part of her life. She grew to love him very much. As the days went by she con- tinued to look for him and he wasn't there. It was as though he dropped off the face of the earth.Today was a beautiful day and she was at the corner, in the spot where the bum sat.Deep in her thoughts as she be- gan to walk she nearly bumped into someone. As she was about to speak she saw this well groomed middle aged man with dashing good looks. " Hi Ma'am. How are you?" She recog- nized the handsome stranger's voice instantly. "Sir is that you?" She asked just to make sure her mind wasn't playing tricks on her. "Yes Ma'am it is me. I just came by to formally thank you for all of the kindness you showed to me. I was in raggedy clothes and never once did you show disgust. You see I am a millionaire that had lost his way. You see my wife of nearly thirty years got ill and passed away. In that moment I lost my mind because my home didn't exist anymore." As he finished telling his story little tears began to fall from her eyes. Through small sobs she said, " I'm sorry for your loss. I will con- tinue to pray to God on your behalf." " Ma'am your prayers is why I stand here today.If God had not sent you my way I would probably still be lost. Please don't cry for me I will be okay". He reached in his pocket and pulled out an old business card and handed it to her. "Take my card. Feel free to call me any- time. All that I have now belongs to you. Do you remember that day when I told you that your loving kindness would not go unnoticed?" As he said those final words he turned and left, leaving the young missionary dumbfounded. 10-29-16 Alexis Y
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