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Christian Evangelical-Charismatic Republicans
I grew up with rural Michigan white red-neck evangelical root systems. These did not always feed my multicultural self/other liberation of the GLBTQ subclimatic root system for regeneratively healthy instincts, yet I learned to survive within this fundamentalist-alien-straight Christian White anthro-culturally supremacist climate of heterosexuality not understood as a fully regenerative multiculturally organic sexuality, most certainly inclusive of GLBTQ, among full-octave color rainbows of exegetically trusted truth with beautiful ecopolitical dynamics. My staunchly farmerish fundamentalist-nutritionist Christian parents would no more know what to do with a Donald Trump as a Presidential Republican National Party Candidate to become a White Male Republican Christian Preferably-Rural Fundamentalist EcoPolitical President of the United States, running against incumbent General Dwight Eisenhower, however I think he probably would not even have been an appropriate topic for polite, much less nutritional as integratively-spiritually appropriate for healthy developmental conversation. Despite these agrarian Republican root-systemic memories during my ecopolitically developing GLBTQ adolescence, not a lot of people have asked what I have seen and heard and smelled within the approximately 200 years of tension between a Republican/Elitist-WinLose NatureSpirit EcoPolitical Conservatism, hoping to win for ego's embodied nature even if they must thereby lose our multiculturing spiritual-experiential Salvation, thereby a dark anger/fear mark against WinWin regenerative ecological health. Today, I see this continuing Republican tendency to distance economic and political elites from our more humble, yet somehow not too fearful-angry, maybe touched by paranoia, especially about the natural supremacy of heterosexually ecopolitical parents, refusing to see possibilities for multiculturally ecological parenting as more optimally spiritually-nutritionally rooted in Jesus' Creation Story TimeLine. By unremarkably co-arising dipolar contrariness, the currently prevailing Democratic national through local nutrition strategy of looking for opportunities of and for multicultural trust-building, to permaculturally broaden a shared ecopolitical ecology of health becoming together ego/eco bicameral-binary empowering in a more dynamic healthy kind of GLBTQ thru Z kind of way. While the historically unthinkable Republican Nominated Choice labeled Donald Trump, represents a remarkably not-Christian fundamentalist conundrum of a non-choice, his own sense of supremacist entitlement to interpret and prophecy fools of self-condemning hypocrisy carries some resonance for those premillennial die-hard evangelical White Republicans where ecopolitical faith is rooted in becoming stronger than those who disagree with us, while Hillary Clinton's embodiment of Democrat cultivates co-empathic trust among constituencies feeling disconnected from multicultural promise of healthy democratic inclusion of diversity as an intrinsically therapeutic positive for ecological climate-healthywealthy outcomes, more ecotherapeutic than the more anthro-elitist monoculturing ecopolitics, LeftBrain way too Male TestosteroneThymine Dominant elitism of Old School Rural White 1950s Michigan Republicanism. Today's Republican has upstaged Fundamentalism with more excessively climatic Rabid Paranoid Terrorist WinLose-politically and economically preferred proclivities, but not quite a full-blown climate LoseLose death-wish rabidity searching out invisible Climate Win prospects for regenerative health, while nakedly investing in further dissonant discomforting cognitive-affective suboptimally degenerative suffering multiculturally rainbow-rooted DNA/RNA ribonucleic systems. Donald Trump was chosen over other nutritional-enspiriting alternatives, chosen to lead through condemning those unlike him as false prophets of hypocrisy and cunning toward unhealthy liberating multicultural power-sharing intents, sometimes vengefully judgmental of us lesser non-elites, now both evangelical White non-elite would-be farmers and feminists on around the growing rainbow of multiculturing margins, on through the cystosine-nurturing more LeftRight ecobalanced half of the U.S. adult nature relations, and just as oxymoronic to be an Evangelical Christian Republican as it is to be a Transgender Republican. For Jesus of Nazareth, the poor and marginalized, homeless and hungry, and especially their children, were more sympathetic comrades than Monoculturing Elitist Pharisees they were sadusees, too, like us right now, having been robbed of our parents' Republican Supremacist paranoid-competitive belonging, nurturing ecopolitical as ecological longing, no longer deep learning paranoia for interior and exterior ecopathologies of YHWHGod's unkind impersonal lack of omnipotent love, our unresolved theological problem of evil NonRepublican NonChristians, and why similar rainy outdoor wedding crappy days fall on fully invested Republican Christians, who never quite fully believe in the power of a personally-invested God the Good Father in exactly the same unreflected way from that nightmare's dream on through death's dualdark portal. What happens now that our Republican EmpireBuilder has become seen with too-naked vulnerability to collectively hide our own egocentric predative paranoia from ourselves, fear and anger about radically full-speciating inclusion of ecopolitical Democrats, regenerating empowerment's healthier climates of pronoia liberation? Perhaps positive psychology as therapeutic ecopolitical judgment on behalf of mutual help rather than continuing to seek power through mutually condemning judgments, competitive WinLose ecopolitical choices, reborn faith in higher WinWin power optimizing Earth as Tribal Home, no longer anawim of our own optimally organic Body of Christ potential. Christians truly investing in Christ's physical/mental health.
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