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Exclusive Birth Rights
Exclusive Birth Rights I am German and guilty as charged by history and evil parental culpability privileged by life and proxy thus I refuse to forget ancestral perpetration though I propose without any diminution that systematic genocide is not extinct Armenia and Stalin’s Gulags Bosnia Rwanda Cambodia and Christians and Yazidis in Syria Iraq today and some say Kurds in Turkey cause killing of culture does not require a yellow star and one thing unsuspiciously leads to another when origin is deprived books set to flames as ‘Heinrich Heine’ famously declared that ‘where they have burnt books they will end in burning human beings’ and thus the Holocaust Is here today Berlin today features a memorial of burning books as such a cellar with empty shelves with a glass ceiling at ‘Bebelplatz’ right at the centre of the city near Humboldt University for all to see and tread on unless of course on our path we simply just refuse to look ‘Hannah Ahrendt’ spoke of ‘normality of evil’ was castigated for the notion when she wrote and tried to understand of how the Holocaust could happen in her philosophy beyond any scope of disbelief belief but ‘ordinary’ people cremated Jews castrated Roma terminated ‘unworthy’ life disabled so called degenerates injected children for example to ascertain who would survive Potassium Chloride for the longest moments for racial purity and ‘Lebensraum’ for ‘Fuehrer Volk and Vaterland’ syringes inserted straight into innocent Hearts ‘Wolf Biermann’ sang about his late communist father and that there were no gravestones for him and many others but neither were they necessary since chimneys were ubiquitous to be reminded to wrench the guts and feel the smell of ashes to not forgive and not forget ‘Final selection’ left right left right left right left to the chambers of gas and nudity below and beyond the shower heads exuding ‘Zyklon B’ or hydrocyanic acid as pesticide or saved for the moment worked to death in hunger depravation torture senseless loss of humanity You all know Auschwitz Treblinka Majdanek and Bergen Belsen where human bodies were stacked and shelved to piles and pyramids of rigour mortis for all to see and to ignore when all ‘they’ did was follow orders did not really know they claimed and did not allegedly smell the stench of soot and cinders human torches and who remembers Janowska Plaszow Neuengamme the latter not that far away from where I used to live in ignorance but later told how many tons of ashes were recycled on the camp’s nursery to adorn and fertilize the Rose garden of the Commandant Without shoes and hardly fed and dressed in threadbare striped clothing in the winter cold frost bitten white blue white blue white blue the men pushed carts of bricks to be hardened in the process through icy waters barefoot up the ramps for buildings bunkers War Industrialists complained that the inmates did not survive conditions long enough in aimed and stipulated twelve weeks or so and so the Nazis improved conditions so as to exploit another month or so of slave labour from perishing skeletons in exponential Depravity ‘Must we remember’ and I thus ventured to see the ‘Burning Books Memorial’ myself that place with empty shelves for 20000 books given to the fire on 10th of May 1933 but could not find it despite my searching because a trade fair had temporarily covered up the ‘Bebelplatz’ with exposition of German motoring advanced technology flashy curves of polished metal and sexy fleshy girls promoting motor power seated on the fenders Mascara shadows touching blonde and blue eyed Masquerade the holocaust rotten and forgotten and that is when I vomited on the shine inclusive puke with birth rights denied not so far from where its happening today 15th October 2016
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