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- The Demons Shrill Cry of Dread and Horror -
The Demon’s Shrill Cry of Dread and Horror This tale of “The Demon’s Shrill Cry of Dread and Horror” lives on in the mountain village of Gpeth Tor in the outlying region of the “Dark Forbidden Forest” known for evil, death, and lost souls. This tale passeth from generation to generation, to the present, and still frightens all people who hear its grim message as it sends an icy-cold chill that stabs the heart of one’s holy eternal soul! A young boy who just turned six years heard this tale so told by both of his parents who shivered with a great palpable fear. Their story of the Devil’s Demon of the Dark Forbidden Forest mesmerized this young lad, giving him gruesome nightmares, whereby the Devil’s Demon whispers cruelly to him in the darkest corners of his mind and in his deepest moments of sleep! The young boy’s recurring nightmares show him running each night deep into the darkness of the Forbidden Forest while both shouting and screaming his desire to see and to serve this foul Demon of the Wild, while forsaking Almighty God in his thoughts! This ghastly dream world each night is like morphine to his brain, as this young boy suffers, feeling the chains of its merciless torment! But this story of the boy is now 22 years ago as he’s progressed on to manhood—driven to the very depths of depravity and insanity as he witnesses nightly in his padded cell the evil actions of both Ghouls and Ghosts who’d open up the graves of past rotting souls. This insane young man now sings paeans with a fulsome alacrity as he celebrates the shrill and haughty cry of the Devil’s Demon! Does anyone really believe in happy fairy tales when Hell itself corrupts the mind and spirit of the young and unsuspecting? Does anyone believe a young fairy princess who kisses a frog and says that the frog is now a dashing, noble prince? Does anyone really understand and believe there are real monsters who roam the maze of one’s mind crying now into a dark abyss, while Goblins and Ghosts float freely robbing the living of breath? The Dark Forbidden Forest of this evil lore does indeed exist, and it lives freely in the dreams of young village children so frightened and terrified by the dark-demonic-visage of a bile-black-blooded Bogeyman who resurrects himself nightly in their true dreams of a sweet innocence in the place where scars are born every waking day, as the lid of terror is lifted open, spewing legends and tales of the macabre stealing the very life-force of heartbeats leading to Death! The local people of this legend in the village of Gpeth Tor speaketh freely of shrunken heads in large glass jars deep in the bowels of the Forbidden Forest, where the threshold of pain and absolute madness knows no bounds of moderation, and tortured beings and lost souls cry out loudly as the Dark One takes his due while the broken bones of those who remain are crossed—weighted so heavy like an anchor! Invisible and evil forces at the Devil’s command have taken control of the Forbidden Forest, where nasty beasts with a rabid blood thirst for torture live in the very cells of the chained and forgotten souls who have lost their way to Almighty God and His Angels in Heaven above. Grotesque stories still abound to the present time in this century of the perverse and maledictory nature of this dark forest that borders so close to the ancient village of Gpeth Tor—of what can happen to those who dare to speak of the unspeakable, as Specters of the Undead feast upon the heartbeats of innocent victims until they are fully consumed, and their souls are condemned to an unending damnation and agony! It’s been so many years since I graced my presence again in this ancient “Village of the Damned.” Mea Culpa! Forgive me! A difficult journey! I’ve now lost my way into the light and to the holy path to God Himself. Gpeth Tor and its people live on into this twenty-first century as it is. The frightful memories and presence of the Forbidden Forest are real, and are still devouring the very living thoughts and ideals of the young. Many moons later the sacrilege of this reality still lurks and crawls now beneath one’s own human flesh as the divine answers to “God’s Truth” lay, locked far away in the depths of Lucifer’s Kingdom here on Earth! Gary Bateman, Anne-Lise Andresen, and Liam McDaid A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © All Rights Reserved August 20, 2016 (Gary) September 10, 2016 (Anne-Lise)
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