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Ta0 Zen Climate Health
The more continuous from past through future our ego-stretching identity becomes, the more god/dess-humane omnipotent emerges our original polypathic multicultural intent and future climate health practice. Consilience, co-empathic democratic trust, between religious faith systems, each transubstantiating interdependent spiritual dynamic within our comprehension, we call syncretism. Reconciling trust between ecopolitical paradigms as health-thru-dying networks of dialectal values, transliterating our natural ionic, bionic, and ergodic rhythmed dynamics, we call integrative evolving synergy. Energy, as polypathic space equivocating coincidental co-arising bilateral time, equivalent dipolar images, consciousness within inductive-empathic notnot polynomial balance. Yes, all 3D Space and 1DipolarTime are interdependently relative, but, no, not so normatively relative that c-squared enlightenment could be any more or less than Eulerian Prime Geo/Eco/Ego DiPolar Systemic Relationship e-squared, with slow-grow (0)-Core/Care/Sum/Soul MultiCultural Interest/Investment Fractal-Acidic-Convexing flow-forming regenerate fusing Order. With such reconciling consilience in (0) mind as (1) body, it feels increasingly important, even urgent, to remember that I am most fully Divine Energy when I fully comprehend we grow health-reconciling active trusters doing the best we can to democratically re-gather as NotNot Gods--Wise Elder Nurturing Gaia Goddesses. We feel primal therapeutic multicultural recalling-incarnating-evolving corollaries: God is discontinuously me with belief in you, also half Divine and half Humanizing, humaneing, wise cooperative regeneration, becoming and notnot being words-within as informing-without. We recall intelligent truth as beauty-design genius across multicultural fields and paradigms and rhetorical frames and landscaped climates of ecotherapeutic health resonance overpowering dissonant suboptimal underproductive pathologies to become reconciling polypaths, eco-consiliating residents of Earth consciousness. Political Science becomes, then, cooperative studies of and for ecopolitically coop-reconciling powers-with, not so much corporate-competing suboptimally losing powers-over, less than omnipotent eco-power balancing intent stuck in Business As Usual economic practice. Ecopolitical powers both evolve from and contribute to future climate health of multicultural regenerativity as powers of cooperation absorb mono-teleological, mono-theistic, mono-enculturing power-over violent intent and capital-hoarding economic non-transactional absence of healthy practice. It may be helpful to recall investment, whether time or money, preferably both, implies hope for fertile outcomes. Just as science emerged from nature-spirit religious system investments, to become an independent, yet also interdependent, anthrocentric learning system, so too religious experience emerged from eco/geometric rhythmed philosophically rich words about why continuing cooperative phenomena feel and think and taste of richer healthy nutrition, and discontinuous-competing distrustful phenomena speak of hate and mutual disgust and anger and fear of godless eternal wilting starvation stink and death in hellfires of solar great transitional climate (0)-soul regeneration.
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