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Trust, Trust, Trust
Trust, Trust, Trust By Dr. Tina Medina Whether it is Benghazi or Kansas City, You will call and she won’t answer The pattern and practice is established You will call and she won’t answer That is why I do not trust her Trust, trust, trust It is at the heart of all matters If trust can’t be established, then what happens at home…everything may be in disarray and scattered If in Benghazi, no compassion and love for fellow man was shown What will happen here at home? Please hear me, you will call, but she will not answer She had her chance to save lives in Benghazi She may fry you like BBQ in Kansas City Now I know I am getting creatively drastic But, we do have the BBQ sauce and the pits, that woman is not legit For 13 hours, our brothers cried out for help and mercy And no help came Now who is playing game Let me remind you, no one came We are the ultimate super power, yet no one came How the hell does that happen and when did we stop hearing the pleas of our people Those cries were probably heard spiritually from all the world’s church steeples A true leader will act and command for help at all cost There was a time that no American lives would ever be lost Come on now, 13 hours there were cries for help to our nation’s Secretary of State Yet were the mics on mute because the pleas were drowning out their public relations debate She and Obama had access to everything – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines Yet they did not do a damn thing! Human life was the cost And to be honest, those lives did not have to be lost Please hear my plea Those lives did not have to be lost I rather call out to Jesus because He is the only first responder Too bad, we can’t write Him in on the ticket Because 13 hours of waiting is a sign of poor leadership…it is a deficit No one came because it was not politically adequate for her Yet can she wash the blood off her hands with frankincense and myrrh All the spices and riches from the Middle East cannot make this issue of trust simply go away We Americans are not stupid, nor will be fooled by statements of delay When asked about Benghazi What difference does it matter….that is what she had to say You see in these aspects of true leadership when it involves life and death What difference does it matter! The harshness of her tone is a bit scary What difference does it matter!!! Let me tell a secret that you make know now or perhaps have forgotten And this will make the story even more rotten We live in a Jack Bauer “24” hour live-feed, real time Big Brother is watching your tail life Our state of technology is off the chain Those people did not have to suffer and die in vain Come on now, do you think really think that the American people can’t filter through the political strife We are all not playing Pokemon and forgetting about real life The truth of the matter is that you were very lame I have the constitutional right to write what I feel has just been a bunch of smoke and mirrors…plain out game Just to find out that for 13 hours, no help ever came Please, please let’s stop playing hide and seek games The truth is very, very clear Some of us simply don’t trust you because you did not answer the call from Benghazi The question, we as a nation should be asking is what is she going to do in my city? Let’s break it on down to a personal level At any time during the 13 hours, she could have responded No actions show that there is a lack of compassion and she is disheartened How can you let people die? When you got the eye in the sky! We could have called down hellfire and saved the day But you all wanted to play! My heart goes out to the families of those four men as their lives matter more today Because they represented their nation and fulfilled their call without any delay Perhaps in God’s plan to wake up this nation Their sacrificed lives will allow us to see the true revelation The job takes moxy, strength, heart, love of people, and pure dedication A true God ordained leader that is called will do all of their best to save the life of a brother Action, fight, defend, lead, grow, pray, make things happen, be creative and save is what this nation was built on... there simply is no other
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