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The Whore and the Sea part 2
You know sailor man, You woke the spirit in me I thought you were drunken and carefree I could not hope or dream The whore of the seas must take her place I was of the lowest cast The lowest morale After you I was with a baby you see I had to run to the mountains Alone and far from the salt air To give this child more hope Than could ever exist for me The sailor of the seas seems touched He truly had tears running down his face He continued his side of the tale Ah me lady, the winds of the east The winds of the west The ghosts of the past The Moons pull And this young mans wonder Have aligned to bring us to a truth Your child, was my child Your love was my hope For the seed of life to continue For better times I have walked these shores As you For a thousand years and more Seeking solace Seeking you The gods have seen to this I have escaped the fires below In search of you I knew not what was love Until I knew you Only upon me death Did I see what was lost The sea is vast Your love vaster still Even we, as the people of ancient times In this moment On this shore We our bound by this immortal love As they spoke the winds howled The sands tossing in the wind I felt nothing Riveted to these phantoms of other destinies Why was I here? Did I fall upon time itself? The answer was to become shockingly clear The Princess of the sea was both Sad and smiling She touched the sailor’s hand And said, We have taken a thousand years to know love To know we were loved To know we died in sadness and emptiness To what ends are we here What have the gods planned? You in hell Me trapped upon the shores of my service? Why, why sailor man, must we weep now At the love we had Yet never shared? He smiled He caressed her hair Gently he whispered to her We shall wander these shores For a thousand years and more We now have found serenity Comfort Love We know deeply the erotic desires Of the spirit We are here my love For a special reason I await your answer she said! He replied; A thousand years have passed Here on this shore I saw your eyes fall upon the young man Who fell at the mere site of us I saw the love in your eyes The love of a mother So I say to you my love Look into the eyes Of your son He is ours Even if many generations have passed He is the love that was us He has now witnessed Our bond, the universes wisdoms We are here this windy evening To caress both our pasts To know the love that was always there Yet We are here at the whim of the unknown To let our flesh and blood Know that goodness Is not ones circumstance and profession Life offers few choices We have shown our child of our child and so forth His past, his future, his path The very secrets of life And the universe Unfolded upon his breast We the sailor and the whore Implore to all men and women of honor Listen to love Go forth our fine young man Knowing now from where you came The winds shall diminish We shall return to sand Until another day When fate needs a helping hand I awoke on the beach Had I dreamed? I was uncertain In my house, by the door Lay a white shawl With bruised knee I smiled I held the cloth of secret mysteries
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